Spring 2023 Explicit Imprint Bundle!

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You can buy these stories individually for $1.99 each, or you can get this bundle, get them all, and save 20%! This discount can be combined with other coupons, too, such as our Patreon coupons.

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Welcome to the Spring Explicit Imprint bundle, which the following explicit titles:

You can buy these stories individually for $1.99 each, or you can get this bundle, get them all, and save 20%! This discount can be combined with other coupons, too, such as our Patreon coupons.

See individual work listings or the first page of each story for full tag lists.

In Which James Willoby Enjoys a Ball Far More Than One Should by A. L. Heard

Haywood Keating was by all accounts a handsome man. Nearly ten years James’s senior, he exuded the type of charm and confidence only the wealthy could afford, coaxing smiles and earning admiration wherever he went. His dark suit, although perfectly tailored and pressed, was almost boring when viewed among the other gentry wearing their best, but the bright-purple cravat dotted with yellow paisley made him stand out all the same. His hair was longer these days, the dark strands beginning to curl but currently tamed; his footman must have pulled it back and fastened it with that vibrant-green ribbon that complemented his dark complexion. A sight to behold, as always.


A Safe Place to Land by boneturtle

Samael’s hand moved from Mithros’s waist to rub over his chest, pressing calming energy into Mithros’s body. It was cool, and felt unbelievably good. Mithros wondered, for the thousandth time, how he could possibly deserve this. He dropped the scroll into his lap and let his head loll, resting against Samael.

Aren opened the door carrying a tray of tea. He looked beautiful, as always, golden-green eyes offset by the black-and-gold robes he always wore when working in the heavens. His long brown hair was pulled high into a ponytail.

“I’m home!” he said. “Deamos gave this to me. He said he was too busy to deliver it. But of course, I also just wanted to—”

He stopped when he saw their position. His gaze dropped to their disheveled robes. Then back up, and back down at the tea service.



No One Right Way by R. L. Houck

Sometime a little past 9 p.m., Rachel swanned into the bedroom from the bathroom. She paused suddenly a few steps past the doorway. Nikkōka glanced up, noting she wore the shorts-and-T-shirt combo she normally donned for bed. Her mouth was pinched with anxiety despite her confident stance.

“I am horny, and I am going to get off,” she announced.


Things We Know, But Don’t Recall by Lyn Weaver

Vampires weren’t naturally occurring creatures. They were curses bound in flesh, victims and perpetrators of emotions too strong to be swallowed by the grave. Blood was the medium by which their curse was perpetuated, and it was their reaction to blood that made them a curse in the first place. When Sevan thought of it like that, everything was simple. He just wished he knew what feelings had flooded through him with such intensity that they’d transformed his corpse into a monster.


Irreverence by Xianyu Zhou

Huan Xuan went down the stairs carefully. There weren’t any sconces lining the wall, nor did Huan Xuan carry a light source with him, but his steps were confident in the dark, fingers trailing along the rough walls as he went deeper. He breathed in the faint curls of perfume in the cool air, letting the aroma settle his nerves and quell his worries.

Anticipation built at his first glimpse of the yellow candle glow. His steps slowed, stopping just before the last bend. He couldn’t help but tug at his chest plate, smoothing a hand over the side of his head to make sure that his hair wasn’t too much of a mess.

He wanted to look presentable for San-ge, to look less like a child playing dress-up in clothes that weren’t his.


This Treatment for Chronic Pain has an Unbelievable Side Effect! by Xianyu Zhou

Zeta had known that volunteering to be a participant for a clinical trial would have certain risks—certain unexpected side effects—but he had never expected it to turn out like this.

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