Summer 2023 General Imprint Bundle


Duck Prints Press released 7 new short stories in July and August, 2023. Now, you can get all seven in one discounted bundle!

Normally, these titles would cost $8.93, but now they can be yours for only $7.99!

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Duck Prints Press released 7 new short stories in July and August, 2023. Now, you can get all seven in one discounted bundle!

Normally, these titles would cost $8.93, but now they can be yours for only $7.99!

Read the teasers for each story!

Little Witch’s Apothecary by J. D. Harlock

There wasn’t much to do in Jdeidet, and having spent her entire life there, May was well aware of that. Beirut—the only city where anything ever happened—was hours away by train, and the local scrying café had banned her for life after that incident with the wand. Oodles of cash were needed if May wanted to find something to do here in the Lebanese south.

When she was younger, she’d set up her potion stand in the town center that everyone from around Marj’ Ayoun had frequented for years. This was why she was certain that she had more than enough of the experience necessary to open her own apothecary in one of her great-grandfather’s old rundown shacks.

Chinaski’s Dirty Work by J. D. Harlock

Late at night, Chinaski rode in on her wyvern, Canasta, to Pico’s tavern, hoping there wouldn’t be any prying eyes to interfere with her dirty work. After a much-needed sip from her trusty dragon-leather flask, Chinaski stood outside the building in the cool desert air. The winds wrangled her dry copper hair, and the cold had her regretting her decision to wear a short skirt, black scarf, tall lace-up boots, and a pair of gauntlets. But at least she had a moment to breathe. The day had been a hard one, and it was only going to get harder from here.

Count the Number of Seeds by Lyn Weaver

Three weeks after the human had moved into the Black Forest, Sevan abruptly remembered that humans needed to eat.

Entanglement by Lyn Weaver

“The forest is about to expand for the first time in quite a while, and I should go familiarize myself with the new borders. Besides,” Sevan added, “I’ve been invited to accompany them.”

Well, that was a surprise. Kel hadn’t noticed any more traffic on the broken roads winding through the Black Forest than usual. There’d been absolutely none before, and there was absolutely none now. “Accompany who?”

“The trees who’ve decided to move, of course.”

Awkward and Oblivious by R. L. Houck

Say something. Ask her, you idiot! “Oh, uh! I was wondering—?”

Dr. Anna paused and turned back. “Yes?”

Alex clutched Mako to her chest, running her fingers through the beagle puppy’s soft coat for reassurance. “Um. I just—I’m so grateful for all you did for Mako when she was sick. Would you like to go out for coffee sometime? As a thank you?”

Words. Words were so fucking hard. But Alex didn’t stutter or pass out, so she considered her efforts to be a success.

if it’s meant to be by Tris Lawrence

Mac hadn’t intended to run away and join the circus, yet wouldn’t you just know it: here she is.

Chrysopoeia by Zel Howland

Her scream tore open the cold evening air. “Please, don’t do this—”

Rough, merciless hands dragged her across the chalk diagram. Even with last night’s rain continuing in a light drizzle, Faith tasted copper and ozone in the air as her feet dragged over the still-wet pools of blood.

“Mr. Lucas, please,” she begged. She struggled against her captors—men she’d known her entire life, now reduced to faceless executioners. Even with her heavy weight thrown against their grip, they continued pulling her inexorably forward. “Please, you know me, you know I would never—I wouldn’t even know how, please—”

Mr. Lucas backhanded her cheek.

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