Theresa Tanner – Settling Down


Title: Settling Down

Author: Theresa Tanner


“I’m dreading having to go back in there. You know how stubborn Galerann can be, and he won’t want to admit failure. I don’t either, but my stake in this isn’t personal. I didn’t go for Adralan; I went for Rann.”

“Quests have a way of changing people, you know,” Grandma said. “It’s possible he’ll recognize that life isn’t like the epic stories we read.”

“Maybe,” Legardo allowed. “On the other hand, then he has to figure out what he’s doing next. While we were gone, he said that no matter what, he’s retired from the Falcons and is looking to stay home and start taking over duties here to let his dad back away. He’s ready to settle down, and…”




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Theresa Tanner

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