Tris Lawrence – Best Friends AND…


Title: Best Friends AND…

‘Verse: Welcome to PHU (stand-alone short story)

Author: Tris Lawrence




Someday Eve should write all the evidence down and see if she can figure out who is and isn’t Talented on the STEM-athlon team. She suspects most of them are. It’s a welcoming place for people who are a little different than the supposed norm.

“We’ll be there in five.” Eve pushes the door closed. “I have a spare T-shirt in my bag,” she says. “I brought it just in case I got something on me during my lab. You can wear it.”

“I have a spare too,” Sandy replies. “Sometimes I get dirty lying down on the gym floor to launch the plane. I’d figured I’d save it for tomorrow, but now is good. I feel gross; it’s been a long day.”

Eve is disappointed; she wanted to share hers with Sandy. Maybe she wants to save the day, or maybe she just wants to see her best friend wearing her clothes.


Additional information

Trigger Warnings

bigotry (anti-magic), dubious consent (mild), micro-aggressions (anti-magic), misogyny


Tris Lawrence


"Snowed In" Theme Story, Welcome to Pine Hills University

Available Formats

ePub, PDF


978-1-946472-65-6 (ePub); 978-1-946472-64-9 (PDF)

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