Violet J. Hayes – Meet C(omm)ute


Title: Meet C(omm)ute

Author: Violet J. Hayes




Priya locked her apartment door and started down the three flights of stairs to the street. Her mornings were calm and predictable: wake up, shower, breakfast, and pray the bus wasn’t late. Lately, though? Lately she’d been wishing for something slightly less predictable, something that would leave her waking up each morning with a sense of anticipation.

Changing things up was completely within her abilities. She could put herself out there, ask the few college friends she still kept in touch with if they knew anybody to fix her up with, maybe join a dating site. The thought alone had her shuddering. While Priya was extremely popular with the five-and-under set at work, talking to other adults—particularly women—felt less natural than playing dragons in a wooden block castle.




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Trigger Warnings

micro-aggressions (racist)


Violet J. Hayes

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ePub, PDF


978-1-946472-50-2 (PDF); 978-1-946472-51-9 (ePub)

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