Xianyu Zhou – Irreverence


Title: Irreverence

Author: Xianyu Zhou


Huan Xuan went down the stairs carefully. There weren’t any sconces lining the wall, nor did Huan Xuan carry a light source with him, but his steps were confident in the dark, fingers trailing along the rough walls as he went deeper. He breathed in the faint curls of perfume in the cool air, letting the aroma settle his nerves and quell his worries.

Anticipation built at his first glimpse of the yellow candle glow. His steps slowed, stopping just before the last bend. He couldn’t help but tug at his chest plate, smoothing a hand over the side of his head to make sure that his hair wasn’t too much of a mess.

He wanted to look presentable for San-ge, to look less like a child playing dress-up in clothes that weren’t his.


Additional information

Trigger Warnings

body modification (involuntary), dubious consent, incest (half-sibling)


Xianyu Zhou


"Mayhem and Revolution" Theme Story

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ePub, PDF

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