Xianyu Zhou – Urchin Juiced


Title: Urchin Juiced

Author: Xianyu Zhou




There were tales about sordid encounters between mers and landfolks. Yun had heard plenty of them, each one more daring than the previous. While he had never considered actively seeking out interested landfolk—there were islands and beaches where such activities were popular—he’d still wondered if such relationships would truly be as pleasurable as the stories made them out to be.

The tales that he preferred involved landfolk watching as a mer pleasured themselves, and then as a reward for the show, bestowing precious things upon the mer. Logically, even if Yun liked owning things, he was in the middle of a journey; anything he possessed would be a hassle to carry with him until he found a more permanent resting spot. He’d prefer that they offer him a feast of landfolk food. But the landfolk who he had seen earlier didn’t seem eager to watch—not that they’d seen him—unless…



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Xianyu Zhou

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