March 1st – 15th: announcement of Anthology One theme and open call for applicants.

March 16th – April 6th: the anthologists review the applications.

April 7th: e-mails sent to accepted and rejected authors with the results of our application reviews and “next steps” information.

April 8th – June 15th: authors will have this time to write their stories. If any withdraw, we will contact authors who volunteered to pinch hit as necessary. During this period, we’ll also develop other aspects of the Kickstarter campaign, such as contracting with an artist for cover art and drafting merchandise.

May 1st: Author Check In One. Authors should be approximately 50% done with their stories (at least 2,500 words written).

June 1st: Author Check in Two. Authors should be approximately 90% done with the first draft of their stories (at least 4,500 words written; ideally, you’d have a complete first draft and be in the process of editing).

June 15th: Stories are due, edited to the best of the author’s ability.

June 16th: Authors who have completed their stories by the June 15th deadline will be asked to sign a contract.

June 16th – July 14th: The anthology editors and betas will work with authors to edit, polish and finalize their stories. Additional pinch hitters, if needed, will be recruited and given time to work.

July 15th – August 15th: Kickstarter time!

Late August – October: if the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal, we will pay authors, produce and ship the anthology and merchandise, and share everyone’s wonderful work with our backers! If the Kickstarter does not meet the funding goal, we’ll do a private pre-order launch instead, and will print to the number of sales that we make…and the authors will still get paid! (No matter what happens, authors who complete their stories by the deadline will get paid the minimum 1 US cent per word amount).