“Aim For The Heart” Schedule

October 1st: recruitment opens for interested authors and artists.

October 15th: recruitment closes.

October 31st: accepted authors and artists are contacted.

November 1st – February 28th: writing and arting period!

December 15th: Check In 1 due.

January 15th: Check In 2 due.

February 28th: Final Check In due.

March 1st – June 30th: editing period for stories and art.

June 15th – July 15th: crowdfunding campaign!

July 15th – ???: Campaign fulfillment (we’re hoping to finish by the end of October but there are too many variables for us to predict for sure)

Early 2024: we’re expect to release the book, and perhaps extra/leftover merchandise, to our webstore on January 20th, 2024.