SWMC/HBCS Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to change. No deadlines would be moved sooner, but deadlines could be pushed back if necessary.

December 15th, 2021: Applications open.

December 31st, 2021: Applications close (they may close sooner, if we receive 150 qualifying applications in less than 15 days).

January 1st, 2022 – January 30th: The Duck Prints Press staff reviews all received applications.

January 31st: All applicants notified of their acceptance or rejection. Accepted authors and select others will be invited to the Duck Prints Press Discord and asked to fill out a second survey to give us additional information.

February 1st – April 15th: Writing period for first drafts. There will be a 50% check in on March 1st, and 80% check in on March 15th, and a final check in on April 15th.

April 16th – June 15th: Editing period. There will be several intermediate deadlines in this period, for conceptual editing, copy editing, and final proofing. As authors stories are finalized, contracts will also be signed. During this period, we’ll also work on all the art and merchandise for the crowdsourcing campaign, so we’re ready for a launch afterwards.

June 16th – July 15th: Crowdsourcing campaign (on Kickstarter if they discontinue pursuing block chain changes; elsewhere – possibly Indiegogo – if they do continue to do that)!

July 15th – October 15th: Fulfillment period.