A Truth Universally Acknowledged: Schedule

January 1st: recruitment opens for interested authors and artists.

January 15th: recruitment closes.

January 31st: accepted authors and artists are contacted.

February 1st – March 31st: writing and arting period!

February 28th: Check In 1 due.

March 31st: Final Check In due.

April 1st – August 31st: Editing period. This will be subdivided into time spent on concept editing, SPAG editing, and final editing. We will also check art for printing suitability and bleed, and may ask for modifications. The exact subdivision will depend on each creator’s needs.

September 1st – September 30th: Crowdfunding campaign.

September 30th – ???: Campaign fulfillment (we’re hoping to finish by the end of 2024, but there are too many variables for us to predict for sure).

Winter 2025: tentatively, we’re expect to release the book, and perhaps extra/leftover merchandise, to our webstore at this time.