Become a Duck Prints Press Advance Reader

Helping grow interest in our publications requires a robust, active group of people posting reviews for our short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels, and anthologies – and that’s where you come in! We’re looking for advance readers, influencers, reviewers, and book lovers to post reviews to Goodreads, Storygraph, our webstore, and elsewhere – both of unpublished stories (e-book advance reader copies) and of existing stories. Interested in getting advance reader copies (ARCs) of Duck Prints Press titles or free copies of already published works? Want to join the Advance Reader Program (aka Influencer Program, aka Reviewer Program, aka “You Get Books, We Get Reviews” Program)? You’ve come to the right place! Please review the below rules.

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How to Become a DPP ARC Reviewer

  1. Familiarize yourself with the rules below and with how this works!
  2. Fill out our sign-up form. (linked at the bottom of the page – read All the Things first, please!)
  3. You must have Discord to be an advance reader for us, and you will be asked to share that username with us.
  4. You’ll be asked about your reading interests and what types of books you usually read, to provide links to your Goodreads and/or Storygraph accounts, and to share links to any other social media platforms where you expect to share books.
  5. You MUST be 18+ to apply.
  6. Current Duck Prints Press creators, patrons, customers, etc. are eligible to be advance readers. People not currently involved in Duck Prints Press are also eligible to be advance readers. Basically, if you’ve seen a call for ARC readers and/or this page, and you’re 18 or older, you are eligible. Hi. Nice to see you.
  7. Advance readers must post reviews on either Goodreads or Storygraph as well as in the Duck Prints Press webstore. They are also encouraged to post reviews on their personal social media platforms elsewhere.
  8. We will ask no demographic information except for confirmation that you are over 18. Who you are in meatspace, where you live, what your sexuality or race are, none of that is any of our business.

How the DPP ARC Program Works

  1. The single most important thing to know about reviewing for Duck Prints Press is that reviews are for readers. We’re providing the tools that advance readers need to review our books; all we ask is that you give your honest opinion on them, as a reader, in places where other readers can see that opinion and make their own reading decisions.
  2. All DPP ARCs are e-books (reflowable ePub and PDF). We do not offer print ARCs at this time.
  3. You may only commit to reading and reviewing one DPP title at a time, but there you may claim any number of titles provided you finish each one before asking for another.
  4. You may claim titles from our catalog that are already published (and therefore not “advance”) as part of our ARC program. (Our goal is more reviews for our work. While the “advance” part is definitely a plus for generating buzz, we’d love more reviews on all our works.) Note that “titles in our catalog” do not include Patreon-exclusive titles!
  5. You must either opt-out of reviewing your claimed title (see Item 11, below) or finish reading the entire work and post your reviews of the work you’ve claimed before you can claim another. We ask that you show us all posted reviews for verification purposes; there is a form on Discord you can use for this purpose.
  6. If you claim a title and more than six months pass without you posting a review, we will drop you from the program. If you then subsequently post a review, you can rejoin the program by showing us that you’ve done so. (Basically: if you don’t review, you’ll be dropped so that we don’t continue tracking your participation, but you won’t be banned.)
  7. Reviews must be posted to Goodreads and/or Storygraph (ideally both), as well as to the Duck Prints Press webstore. You may cross-post the same text across multiple platforms.d
  8. Posting reviews on other social media platforms is optional but encouraged. You will not be penalized for not doing so; if you do and tell us, we will probably share your review on our account on the platform(s) in question.
  9. Reviews should be at least 100 words long, and engage with the actual content of the work being reviewed. “I liked this” is not an adequate review. “I liked this because of the way it handled X matter, though I wasn’t a fan of how Y was discussed,” if expanded to at least 100 words, would be fine.
  10. After you’ve posted your review(s), you will fill out a form indicating the story you’ve read and linking to the review(s) you left.
  11. We understand that not every book is for every person and that there are reasons to not finish a book and/or want to review publicly it that are complex and personal. As such, if an advance reader has a book they aren’t comfortable completing and/or reviewing, you can withdraw from reviewing that specific book – just let us know. If the issue was a specific trigger or squick, and you’re willing to tell us what the trigger or squick is, we can help ensure you aren’t exposed to that content again. (All our works are tagged, which can help with avoiding things you’re not comfortable with, but considering how personal triggers and squicks can be, we recognize that it’s impossible to thoroughly tag for everything that might cause problems for people.) You are not required to disclose the reason you didn’t finish and/or don’t want to review.
  12. Please leave honest reviews. We will not remove advance readers from the program or enact retribution as a result of an advance reader leaving a negative review.
  13. We reserve the right to quote your reviews in part or in full, as written (as in, [sic]), and to credit the review to you under the name of your choice (this can be a fandom name, a pseudonym, or anonymous), as part of our marketing and advertising.
  14. If you leave us even one review, you’ll get a coupon for discounts on our webstore! For every ten works you review, you can claim a free sticker! (Though you’ll have to be willing to share your address with us to claim it).
  15. We will do our best to work with everyone who is interested in doing advance reading for us, and we will use warnings and bans as sparingly as possible. However, we did want to give some ideas of behavior that could lead someone to be removed from the program. The gist is that if someone does the bare minimum and/or violates the rules consistently over multiple review instances, there’s a good chance we’ll remove them. Examples of behavior that could result in removal from the Advance Reader Program (note: this is not a comprehensive list!):
    • engaging in a pattern of claiming stories and then not reviewing them
    • engaging in a pattern of leaving abusive or inaccurate reviews
    • engaging in a pattern of making comments that indicate that a reviewed book has not been read or completed
    • engaging in a pattern of badmouthing Duck Prints Press (talking about issues you have with us in places outside of our server/with people not involved with the Press, instead of talking to us constructively so we can work together to resolve issues if/when they arise)
    • violating the privacy of another advance reader (even once! do not do this!)

General Rules and Guidelines

  1. We repeat: All advance readers must be 18 years old or older.
  2. You must be respectful toward other advance readers, the Press staff and creators, and the public. This does NOT mean reviews must be positive (they most definitely do not need to be), but we still expect politeness and an understanding that not liking a work isn’t the same as not liking the people who created it. 
  3. We will be coordinating and communicating with advance readers by Discord, and therefore all advance readers must have a Discord account. Invitations to our Book Lover’s Discord server will be included in acceptance e-mails. You are required to join the Book Lover’s Discord to participate in this program. If you’re new to Discord, you can learn more about setting up a Discord account for yourself here.
  4. You will be expected to adhere to all the rules of the Book Lover’s Discord server. The server rules are (lightly abridged):
    • Don’t be a jerk.
    • No fandom shaming, ship shaming, kink shaming, or gatekeeping.
    • No bigotry, hate, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, racism, misogyny, or other forms of discrimination.
    • If you post art, memes, or other content, please link the creator! No reposting ever.
    • Use respectful language at all times. Be conscious of the difference between an opinion (“I don’t personally enjoy x”) and a blanket condemnation (“x sucks, why would anyone like x?”). This goes both ways: please don’t make blanket condemnations, but also, please don’t interpret statements clearly meant as personal opinions as blanket condemnations.
    • All NSFW chat must be done in ⁠nsfw-chat.
    • Try to keep chat in appropriate channels. If we find that conversation has meandered out the scope of a given channel, you will be nudged to move to a different chat.
    • Unsolicited constructive criticism is never welcome. You’re allowed to share negative opinions in ⁠salty-opinions, and if you spot an error in our publications, please tell us in ⁠mod-shout, but this server is not an appropriate space to offer extensive criticism of Duck Prints Press works. DO NOT @ CREATORS IF YOU SAY YOU DON’T LIKE THEIR WORKS.
    • Fandom spoilers, including spoilers for DPP stories, may be kept behind spoiler bars that are clearly marked for what they are a spoiler for. For example: “Oh, I really liked that part of The Episode! Spoilers for The Show, Episode # ||like when That Thing happened||, that was awesome!” Try to black-out spoilers for media that’s still new (released within three months) or for other media upon request (for example, if someone says, “Oh, I haven’t seen The Show, Episode # yet, would you mind blacking out spoilers for it?”)
    • Duck Prints Press creators in this server are not allowed to share spoilers! Don’t ask them. Also, understand that if you post fan theories, there’s a chance the creator will see. Creators will not be changing their stories based on theories posted here, and a theory turning out to be correct in no way confers ownership, copyright, or other rights on the Discord user who shared it. DO NOT @ CREATORS IF YOU ARE WRITING THEORIES ABOUT THEIR WORKS. There’s a lot of sticky reasons that creators shouldn’t see that kind of thing, so while we encourage conversation, please keep the creator outside it.
    • Keep negativity to ⁠salty-opinions as much as possible.
  5. Rules violations will result in consequences ranging from a warning through a ban, depending on how many infractions take place and how severe those infractions are.
  6. Please contact us if you have questions:


None yet – you can be the first! Send us your questions on Tumblr or via e-mail, or join our Book Lover’s Server and drop them in mod-shout.