Controlled Vocabulary

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We use a controlled vocabulary for tagging genre, format, ratings, and more, to ensure uniformity across our various publications and publication platforms. This is similar to the system that Archive of Our Own uses, except that it’s developed internally, and modified with input from our authors as appropriate to their individual stories. As more publishers consider approaches that include tagging systems, we thought that sharing our system might be helpful to people. This list includes all tags we’ve used for our books, our anthologies, our backer-exclusive stories, and elsewhere.

Our shop uses two different sorting systems to facilitate navigation and help prospective readers locate content they’d be interested in and avoid content they’d rather not read. The first of these sorting systems is Categories. The Categories are over-arching information about the following areas:

Categories are designed for quick navigation of our shop, and reflect only the most prominent themes of a given work. Furthermore, our categories are nested, and we will reflect that in the bulleted lists below.

To provide more in-depth information about each work, we also use a Tag system. Tags provide more extension information about a work, including content warnings, sub-themes, and more. They may include or imply spoilers. While many tags could fall into multiple categories, for organizational purposes we’ve sorted them into the following tag types, and each tag is assigned to one, and only one, tag type. All categories are also tags, but not all tags are also categories. Tags are written all lowercase, always.

Tags are generally used to give a more specific idea of what a story is about. Usually, tags are assigned if they reflect prominent themes of the work in question, with the exception of warnings. Warnings are used for any content we feel may be potentially triggering, and will be listed for a given story even if the thing being warned for is only briefly mentioned or isn’t described in detail. This doesn’t mean everything will be tagged, but we do our best to be thorough, and we are always open to receiving feedback that our tags should be modified.

We will aim to update this list monthly.

Last updated: 3/16/23

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Format | Genre | Rating | Relationship | Series | Story Elements | Work Length | Merchandise | Erotica

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  • eBook
  • Fanart
  • Fanfiction
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  • Comedy
    • Dark Comedy
  • Erotica
  • Fantasy
    • Fantasy with Science Fiction
    • Fantasy with Technology
  • Fanworks
  • Historical
    • Historical with Magic
    • Historical with Science Fiction
  • Modern
    • Academia
    • Coffee Shop
    • Modern with Magic
    • Modern with Science Fiction
    • Modern with Superpowers
    • Sports
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
    • Science Fiction with Magic
    • Time Travel
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  • General Audiences
  • Mature Audiences
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  • Established Relationship
  • F/F
  • F/F/F
  • F/F/M
  • F/F/NB
  • F/M
  • Family
  • Found Family
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Interspecies Relationship
  • M/M
  • M/M/M
  • M/NB
  • Polyamory
    • Queerplatonic Relationship
    • T4T
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  • “Eerie Fall” Theme Stories
  • Queer Fanworks Inspired By…
  • “The Holidays” Theme Stories
  • “Snowed In” Theme Stories
  • “Storm’s Coming” Theme Stories
  • Sunrise Over the Black Forest
  • Welcome to PHU
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Story Elements and Tropes

  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Getting Together
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Idiots to Lovers
  • Meet Cute
  • Monster Hunting
  • Mutual Pining
  • Plot What Plot
  • Revenge
  • Second Chances
  • Whump
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Work Length

  • Anthology
  • Novel (60,001 – 150,000 words)
  • Novelette (7,501 – 20,000 words)
  • Short Story (1,001 – 7,500 words)
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  • Art Prints
  • Bags
  • Bookmarks
  • Candles
  • Dux
  • Enamel Pins
  • Key Chains
  • Magnets
  • Mugs
  • Patches
  • Plushies
  • Stickers
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Erotica (this is a NSFW list, so we’ve posted it on a separate page for those who’d rather avoid such content.)

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alpha/beta/omega dynamics | artist | author | book format | character feature | character gender | character profession | character religion | character romantic orientation | character sexual orientation | character special ability | era | erotica | fanworks | genre | merchandise | narrative style | narrator point of view | non-human character | rating | relationship type | resources | setting | special occasion | story elements and tropes | warning | work length

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alpha/beta/omega dynamics (this is a NSFW list, so we’ve posted it on a separate page for those who’d rather avoid such content.)

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  • a. a. weston (artist)
  • aceriee (artist)
  • alessa riel (artist)
  • alicia matheson (artist)
  • amy fincher (artist)
  • casei solus (artist)
  • cris alborja (artist)
  • diminuel (artist)
  • empowerfantasy plush (artist)
  • foxy joy (artist)
  • friendly pigeon (artist)
  • gio guimarães (artist)
  • jade hallett (artist)
  • joey hazell (artist)
  • joshua beeking (artist)
  • liz brooks (artist)
  • liz lee illustration (artist)
  • magnolia porter (artist)
  • nikki o’shea (artist)
  • pallas perilous (artist)
  • pimmy oldham (artist)
  • pippin peacock (artist)
  • reshipkmn (artist)
  • rima sweet (artist)
  • speculative wicktion (artist)
  • sunny powell (artist)
  • taylor c. fischer (artist)
  • xanthe p. russell (artist)
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  • a. l. heard (author)
  • adrian harley (author)
  • alec j. marsh (author)
  • alex ransom (author)
  • annabeth lynch (author)
  • aria l. deair (author)
  • beth lumen (author)
  • boneturtle (author)
  • bunny k. solomon (author)
  • d. a. hernández (author)
  • d. v. morse (author)
  • em rowntree (author)
  • emma victoria (author)
  • era j. m. couts (author)
  • florence vale (author)
  • i. a. ashcroft (author)
  • j. d. rivers (author)
  • j. s. lenore (author)
  • jessica black (author)
  • jo mathieson (author)
  • julia perroni (author)
  • juno caster (author)
  • k. b. vimes (author)
  • kit alexander (author)
  • kristi mae (author)
  • lacey hays (author)
  • lex t. lindsay (author)
  • lucy k. r. (author)
  • lyn weaver (author)
  • m. k. mads (author)
  • maggie page (author)
  • mare griffen (author)
  • n. c. farrell (author)
  • nickel j. keep (author)
  • nicola kapron (author)
  • nicole wilkinson (author)
  • nina waters (author)
  • nottesilhouette (author)
  • nova mason (author)
  • puck malamud (author)
  • r. l. houck (author)
  • rascal hartley (author)
  • rhosyn goodfellow (author)
  • s. z. meriläinen (author)
  • sage mooreland (author)
  • sanne burg (author)
  • scarlett gale (author)
  • sebastian marie (author)
  • shea sullivan (author)
  • stephen g. krueger (author)
  • t. s. knight (author)
  • tevye j. schmidt (author)
  • theo neidlinger (author)
  • theresa alef (author)
  • theresa tanner (author)
  • tris lawrence (author)
  • veronica sloane (author)
  • willa blythe (author)
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book format

  • epub (book format)
  • mobi (book format)
  • pdf (book format)
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character feature

  • alcoholic (character feature)
  • amnesia (character feature)
  • anger management issues (character feature)
  • anxiety (character feature)
  • aroace (character feature)
  • bilingual (character feature)
  • bipoc (character feature)
  • blind (character feature)
  • child (character feature)
  • cursed (character feature)
  • depression (character feature)
  • elderly (character feature)
  • fat (character feature)
  • high school student (character feature)
  • in the closet (character feature)
  • in the closet (partial) (character feature)
  • memory loss (character feature)
  • murderer (character feature)
  • mute (character feature)
  • naive (character feature)
  • neurodivergent (character feature)
  • nightmares (character feature)
  • oblivious (character feature)
  • orphan (character feature)
  • panic attacks (character feature)
  • panic attacks (mentions of) (character feature)
  • piercings (character feature)
  • prisoner (character feature)
  • ptsd (character feature)
  • scars (character feature)
  • secret identity (character feature)
  • self-esteem issues (character feature)
  • serial killer (character feature)
  • shy (character feature)
  • slave (character feature)
  • surviving spouse (character feature)
  • tattoos (character feature)
  • veteran (character feature)
  • vigilante (character feature)
  • wealthy (character feature)
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character gender

  • agender (character gender)
  • gender non-conforming (character gender)
  • genderfluid (character gender)
  • genderqueer (character gender)
  • non-binary (character gender)
  • trans female character (character gender)
  • trans male character (character gender)
  • transmasculine (character gender)
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character profession

  • administrative assistant (character profession)
  • artisan (character profession)
  • athlete (character profession)
  • barista (character profession)
  • criminal (character profession)
  • doctor (character profession)
  • does drag (character profession)
  • engineer (character profession)
  • executive assistant (character profession)
  • farmer (character profession)
  • gardener (character profession)
  • graduate student (character profession)
  • member of a resistance movement (character profession)
  • mercenary (character profession)
  • military (character profession)
  • musician (character profession)
  • nobility (character profession)
  • nurse (character profession)
  • office worker (character profession)
  • performer (character profession)
  • pirate (character profession)
  • police officer (character profession)
  • private detective (character profession)
  • professor (character profession)
  • research assistant (character profession)
  • royalty (character profession)
  • scientist (character profession)
  • security guard (character profession)
  • soldier (character profession)
  • superhero (character profession)
  • supervillain (character profession)
  • teacher (character profession)
  • waste disposal (character profession)
  • witch (character profession)
  • writer (character profession)
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character religion

  • christian (character religion)
  • daoist (character religion)
  • jewish (character religion)
  • muslim (character religion)
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character romantic orientation

  • aromantic (character romantic orientation)
  • biromantic (character romantic orientation)
  • demiromantic (character romantic orientation)
  • homoromantic (character romantic orientation)
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character sexual orientation

  • asexual (character sexual orientation)
  • bisexual (character sexual orientation)
  • demisexual character (character sexual orientation)
  • gay (character sexual orientation)
  • heterosexual (character sexual orientation)
  • homosexual character (character sexual orientation)
  • lesbian (character sexual orientation)
  • pansexual (character sexual orientation)
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character special ability

  • creature transformation (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (animal) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (bird) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (cat) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (dog) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (dragon) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (fish) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (involuntary) (character special ability)
  • creature transformation (octopus) (character special ability)
  • cultivation (character special ability)
  • magic use (character special ability)
  • precognition (character special ability)
  • prehensile hair (character special ability)
  • shapeshifter (character special ability)
  • telepathic communication (character special ability)
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  • regency (era)
  • the 1860s (era)
  • the 1890s (era)
  • the 1920s (era)
  • the 1940s (era)
  • the 1950s (era)
  • the 2000s (era)
  • world war i (era)
  • world war ii (era)
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erotica (this is a NSFW list, so we’ve posted it on a separate page for those who’d rather avoid such content.)

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  • alternate universe (fanworks)
  • canon compliant (fanworks)
  • character has a different gender than in the source material (fanworks)
  • non-fanfiction story inspired by source material (fanworks)
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  • character study (genre)
  • dark comedy (genre)
  • dystopia (genre)
  • fantasy (genre)
  • fantasy with science fiction (genre)
  • fantasy with technology (genre)
  • heists (genre)
  • historical (genre)
  • historical with magic (genre)
  • historical with science fiction (genre)
  • horror (genre)
  • humor (genre)
  • kidfic (genre)
  • magical realism (genre)
  • modern (genre)
  • modern with magic (genre)
  • modern with science fiction (genre)
  • modern with superpowers (genre)
  • mystery (genre)
  • mythology (british) (genre)
  • mythology (celtic) (genre)
  • mythology (chinese) (genre)
  • mythology (germanic) (genre)
  • mythology (greek) (genre)
  • mythology (norse) (genre)
  • mythology (slavic) (genre)
  • mythology (welsh) (genre)
  • mythology inspired (genre)
  • mythology retelling (genre)
  • noir (genre)
  • romance (genre)
  • science fiction (genre)
  • science fiction with magic (genre)
  • solarpunk (genre)
  • steampunk (genre)
  • time travel (genre)
  • utopia (genre)
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  • add magic to taste (merchandise)
  • and seek (not) to alter me (merchandise)
  • art print (merchandise)
  • bags (merchandise)
  • bookmark (merchandise)
  • candles (merchandise)
  • dux (merchandise)
  • enamel pin (merchandise)
  • he bears the cape of stars (merchandise)
  • key chain (merchandise)
  • magnet (merchandise)
  • merchandise (merchandise)
  • mug (merchandise)
  • patches (merchandise)
  • plushie (merchandise)
  • she wears the midnight crown (merchandise)
  • sticker (merchandise)
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narrative style

  • epistolary (narrative style)
  • past tense (narrative style)
  • present tense (narrative style)
  • prose (narrative style)
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narrator point of view

  • animal point of view (narrator point of view)
  • child point of view (narrator point of view)
  • first person (narrator point of view)
  • second person limited (narrator point of view)
  • third person (narrator point of view)
  • third person limited (narrator point of view)
  • third person limited (alternating) (narrator point of view)
  • third person limited (multiple) (narrator point of view)
  • unreliable narrator (narrator point of view)
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non-human character

  • alien (non-human character)
  • animal (non-human character)
  • artificial intelligence (non-human character)
  • automaton (non-human character)
  • bird (non-human character)
  • bird person (non-human character)
  • collective consciousness (non-human character)
  • deity (non-human character)
  • demon (non-human character)
  • dragon (non-human character)
  • elemental (non-human character)
  • elemental (air) (non-human character)
  • elemental (earth) (non-human character)
  • elemental (fire) (non-human character)
  • elemental (water) (non-human character)
  • elf (non-human character)
  • fae and fairyfolk (non-human character)
  • fish (non-human character)
  • ghost (non-human character)
  • half-human (non-human character)
  • immortal (non-human character)
  • incubus (non-human character)
  • merperson (non-human character)
  • nature spirit (non-human character)
  • non-human character (non-human character)
  • reaper (non-human character)
  • sentient animal (non-human character)
  • sentient construct (magical) (non-human character)
  • vampire (non-human character)
  • werewolf (non-human character)
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  • general audiences (rating)
  • mature audiences (rating)
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relationship type

  • adoption (platonic relationship)
  • age difference (non-platonic relationship)
  • arranged marriage (story element)
  • childhood friends (story element)
  • commoner/noble (non-platonic relationship)
  • creation/creator (non-platonic relationship)
  • employee/customer relationship (non-platonic relationship)
  • enemies to friends (non-platonic relationship)
  • enemies to lovers (non-platonic relationship)
  • established relationship (non-platonic relationship)
  • experienced partner/inexperienced partner (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f/f (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f/m (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f/nb (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/m (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/m (background) (non-platonic relationnship)
  • f/m (past) (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/m/m (non-platonic relationship)
  • f/nb (non-platonic relationship)
  • family (platonic relationship)
  • found family (platonic relationship)
  • friends to enemies (platonic relationship)
  • friends to lovers (non-platonic relationship)
  • friends with benefits (past) (non-platonic relationship)
  • idiots to lovers (non-platonic relationship)
  • interspecies (non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m (non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m (mentions of) (non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m (past) (non-platonic relationship)
  • m/nb (non-platonic relationship)
  • master/servant (non-platonic relationship)
  • mentor/mentee (platonic relationship)
  • murder husbands (non-platonic relationship)
  • owner/owned (platonic relationship)
  • parenthood (platonic relationship)
  • polyamory (non-platonic relationship)
  • queerplatonic (platonic relationship)
  • secret relationship (non-platonic relationship)
  • servitude (involuntary) (platonic relationship)
  • siblings (platonic relationship)
  • soulmates (non-platonic relationship)
  • star-crossed lovers (non-platonic relationship)
  • t4t (platonic relationship)
  • the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one (non-platonic relationship)
  • twins (platonic relationship)
  • two-person love triangle (non-platonic relationship)
  • twosome to threesome (non-platonic relationship)
  • witches and familiars (platonic relationship)
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  • resources (resources)
Transparent Duck Print: Orange


  • academia (setting)
  • antarctica (setting)
  • austria (setting)
  • bar (setting)
  • berlin (setting)
  • bookstore (setting)
  • california (setting)
  • canada (setting)
  • coffee shop (setting)
  • college (setting)
  • connecticut (setting)
  • convention (setting)
  • cruise ship (setting)
  • farmer’s market (setting)
  • florist shop (setting)
  • france (setting)
  • fraternity (setting)
  • georgia (setting)
  • germany (setting)
  • great britain (setting)
  • hartford (setting)
  • heaven (setting)
  • high school (setting)
  • iceland (setting)
  • indiana (setting)
  • ireland (setting)
  • italy (setting)
  • kentucky (setting)
  • library (setting)
  • london (setting)
  • mars (setting)
  • mmorpgs (setting)
  • netherlands (setting)
  • new england (setting)
  • new york (setting)
  • new york city (setting)
  • new zealand (setting)
  • norway (setting)
  • office (setting)
  • organized crime (setting)
  • public transit (setting)
  • royalty (setting)
  • russia (setting)
  • seattle (setting)
  • sports (setting)
  • sports (academic) (setting)
  • sports (dancing) (setting)
  • sports (football) (setting)
  • sports (hockey) (setting)
  • sports (martial arts) (setting)
  • tea shop (setting)
  • texas (setting)
  • the beach (setting)
  • the us midwest (setting)
  • theater (setting)
  • united states of america (setting)
  • venice (setting)
  • western europe (setting)
  • wisconsin (setting)
Transparent Duck Print: Yellow

special occasion

  • funeral (special occasion)
  • halloween (special occasion)
  • hand fasting (special occasion)
  • marriage proposal (special occasion)
  • masquerade (special occasion)
  • midwinter (special occasion)
  • romantic getaway (special occasion)
  • wedding (special occasion)
Transparent Duck Print: Green

story elements

  • accidental baby acquisition (story element)
  • alcohol use (casual) (story element)
  • alcohol use (casual) (mentions of) (story element)
  • altered mental state (drunkenness) (story element)
  • altered mental state (story element)
  • angst (minor) (story element)
  • angst (story element)
  • animals can talk (story element)
  • anti-soulmates (story element)
  • anything that can go wrong… (story element)
  • assassination (story element)
  • attempted murder (story element)
  • attraction at first sight (story element)
  • be gay do crimes (story element)
  • be gay solve crimes (story element)
  • bed sharing (story element)
  • blackmail (story element)
  • body modification (story element)
  • body modification (involuntary) (story element)
  • body modification (non-consensual) (story element)
  • break-up (story element)
  • break-up (past) (story element)
  • car accident (story element)
  • car accident (mentions of) (story element)
  • chance meeting (story element)
  • character death (discussions of) (story element)
  • character murder (discussions of) (story element)
  • clothes sharing (story element)
  • coming of age (story element)
  • coming out (story element)
  • confined together (story element)
  • curses (story element)
  • curses (accidental) (story element)
  • death and dying (story element)
  • didn’t know they were dating (story element)
  • didn’t know they were queer (story element)
  • dimension jumping (story element)
  • drug addiction (mentions of) (story element)
  • drug use (non-consensual) (story element)
  • drunken confessions (story element)
  • duels (story element)
  • eating (descriptions of) (story element)
  • eavesdropping (story element)
  • emotional hurt/comfort (minor) (story element)
  • emotional hurt/comfort (story element)
  • enchanted artifact (story element)
  • enslavement (story element)
  • environmentalism (story element)
  • everyone knows they’re in love but them (story element)
  • existential crisis (story element)
  • false accusations (story element)
  • first date (story element)
  • first kiss (story element)
  • flirting (story element)
  • fluff (domestic) (story element)
  • fluff (story element)
  • food (descriptions of) (story element)
  • forced labor (story element)
  • fostering (story element)
  • fraught family dynamics (story element)
  • getting drunk (story element)
  • getting together (story element)
  • grieving (story element)
  • hangovers (story element)
  • happy ending (story element)
  • hopeful ending
  • human trafficking (mentions of) (story element)
  • humans are the villains (story element)
  • hurt/comfort (mild) (story element)
  • hurt/comfort (story element)
  • i thought you were straight (story element)
  • illegal immigration (story element)
  • illness (serious) (story element)
  • illness (terminal) (mentions of) (story element)
  • imprisonment (story element)
  • isolation (story element)
  • jealousy (story element)
  • kidfic (story element)
  • kidnapping (consensual) (warning)
  • kidnapping (warning)
  • kissing (story element)
  • the language of flowers (story element)
  • love at first sight (story element)
  • love declaration (story element)
  • love triangle (story element)
  • magical mishaps (story element)
  • magical tattoos (story element)
  • manipulation (story element)
  • masquerading as human (story element)
  • meddling friends (story element)
  • meet awkward (story element)
  • meet cute (story element)
  • meet weird (story element)
  • meeting the family (story element)
  • mind control (story element)
  • mind control (magical) (story element)
  • miscommunication (story element)
  • missed connections (story element)
  • mistaken identity (story element)
  • mistakenly believed dead (story element)
  • misunderstandings (story element)
  • monster hunting (story element)
  • mutual pining (story element)
  • the nature of free will (story element)
  • online dating (story elements)
  • oxygen deprivation (story elementss)
  • petnames (story element)
  • pining (story element)
  • playing pranks (story element)
  • poisoning (story element)
  • politics (story element)
  • polyamorous relationship negotiation (story element)
  • possession (story element)
  • pranks (story element)
  • pregnancy (story element)
  • puzzles and games (story element)
  • recovery (story element)
  • red string of fate (story element)
  • reincarnation (story element)
  • resource scarcity (story element)
  • reunions (story element)
  • revenge (story element)
  • running away from home (story element)
  • second chances (story element)
  • seduction (story element)
  • sexual content (mentions of) (story element)
  • sexual content (non-graphic descriptions) (story element)
  • sharing an umbrella (story element)
  • shipwreck (story element)
  • slice of life (story element)
  • soulmate tattoos (story element)
  • tarot (story element)
  • teenage rebellion (story element)
  • therapy (story element)
  • the undead (story element)
  • war crimes (story element)
  • whump (story element)
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  • ableism (mentions of) (warning)
  • abuse (past) (warning)
  • abusive relationship (past) (warning)
  • animal neglect (warning)
  • aphobia (internalized) (warning)
  • bad parenting (warning)
  • bigotry (anti-magic) (warning)
  • biphobia (mentions of) (warning)
  • body horror (warning)
  • bullying (warning)
  • cannibalism (warning)
  • character injury (graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • child abuse (warning)
  • classism (mentions of) (warning)
  • classism (warning)
  • consent issues (minor) (warning)
  • consent issues (warning)
  • deadnaming (warning)
  • death of a child (implied) (warning)
  • death of a child (mentions of) (warning)
  • death of a child (off-screen) (warning)
  • death of a child (past) (warning)
  • death of a grandparent (off-screen) (warning)
  • death of a mentor (warning)
  • death of a parent (mentions of) (warning)
  • death of a parent (off-screen) (warning)
  • death of a parent (past) (warning)
  • death of a parent (warning)
  • death of a sibling (off-screen) (warning)
  • death of a sibling (warning)
  • death of a spouse (mentions of) (warning)
  • death of a spouse (off-screen) (warning)
  • dehumanization (warning)
  • drowning (mentions of) (warning)
  • dubious consent (mild) (warning)
  • dubious consent (warning)
  • dysphoria (mentions of) (warning)
  • emotional abuse (mentions of) (warning)
  • emotional abuse (warning)
  • forced breeding (mentions of) (warning)
  • gender dysphoria (warning)
  • genocide (mentions of)
  • gore (graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • gore (non-graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • harm to animals (warning)
  • harm to children (warning)
  • homophobia (internalized) (warning)
  • homophobia (mentions of) (warning)
  • homophobic language (warning)
  • homophobic violence (mentions of) (warning)
  • infidelity (minor) (warning)
  • infidelity (warning)
  • injury (graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • injury (non-graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • major character death (temporary) (warning)
  • major character death (warning)
  • micro-aggressions (anti-magic) (warning)
  • micro-aggressions (homophobic) (warning)
  • micro-aggressions (homophobic) (mentions of) (warning)
  • micro-aggressions (racist) (warning)
  • micro-aggressions (transphobic) (mentions of) (warning)
  • minor character death (warning)
  • minor character death (implied) (warning)
  • minor character death (mentions of) (warning)
  • minor character death (past) (warning)
  • misgendering (unintentional) (warning)
  • misogyny (warning)
  • misogyny (internalized) (warning)
  • period-typical antisemitism (warning)
  • period-typical homophobia (mentions of) (warning)
  • period-typical homophobia (warning)
  • period-typical understandings of gender and sexuality (warning)
  • permanent character injury (warning)
  • possessive behavior (warning)
  • racism (warning)
  • rape/non-con (warning)
  • rape/non-con (implied) (warning)
  • rape/non-con (off-screen) (warning)
  • robbery (mentions of) (warning)
  • self-harm (mentions of) (warning)
  • sexual harassment (mild) (warning)
  • speciesism (mentions of) (warning)
  • speciesism (warning)
  • starvation (warning)
  • suicide (mentions of) (warning)
  • suicide (past) (mentions of) (warning)
  • torture (graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • transphobia (internalized) (warning)
  • transphobia (mentions of) (warning)
  • transphobia (past) (implied) (warning)
  • verbal abuse (warning)
  • violence (graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • violence (non-graphic descriptions) (warning)
  • vomiting (mentions of) (warning)
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work length

  • anthology (length)
  • novel (length)
  • novelette (length)
  • short story (length)
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