Erotica Categories and Tags

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Categories are designed for quick navigation of our shop, and reflect only the most prominent themes of a given work. Furthermore, our categories are nested, and we will reflect that in the bulleted lists below.

Format | Genre | Rating | Relationship | Story Elements | Work Length

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  • eBook
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  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
  • Fantasy
    • Fantasy with Technology
  • Fanworks
  • Gothic
  • Historical
    • Historical with Cultivation
    • Historical with Magic
  • Modern
    • Academia
    • Dark Comedy
    • Modern with Magic
  • Science Fiction
    • Academia
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  • Explicit
  • Mature
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  • Alpha/Omega
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Dom/Sub
  • Established Relationship
  • F/F
  • F/M
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Interspecies Relationship
  • M/M
  • M/M/M
  • M/M/NB
  • M/NB
  • OMG They Were Roommates
  • Secret Relationship
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Story Elements

  • Be Gay Do Crime
  • Bondage
  • Emotional Hurt/Comfort
  • Getting Together
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Mating Cycles (A/B/O)
  • Masturbation
  • Orgasm Delay/Denial
  • Sex Pollen
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Work Length

  • Novelette
  • Novella
  • Short Story
  • Short Story Bundle


Tags provide more extension information about a work, including content warnings, sub-themes, and more. They may include or imply spoilers. While many tags could fall into multiple categories, for organizational purposes we’ve sorted them into the following tag types, and each tag is assigned to one, and only one, tag type. All categories are also tags, but not all tags are also categories. Tags are written all lowercase, always.

For erotica, we’ve adopted a system to help ensure that no one is exposed to content they don’t want to see. Thus, some tags categories are “erotica-only” categories (such as “sex act”) and some tags are “erotica-only” tags (for example, “alpha/beta/omega dynamics: knotting”). For tags that would be necessary for both non-erotica and erotica, such as “mlm,” we have created duplicate tags so that people who want to see mlm but do not want erotica in their search results will not get erotica results! That’s why some items are listed here AND on the main page. Also note that some tag categories are repeated here and on the main list, but the specific tags listed under the category are different; only the erotica-related tags are on this list (for example, “character profession: character is a barista” goes on the main list; “character profession: character is a porn star” goes on this list.)

alpha/beta/omega dynamics | author | bdsm | book format | character feature | character gender | character profession | character religion | character romantic orientation | character sexual orientation | character special ability | era | fanworks | genre | narrative style | narrator point of view | non-human character | rating | relationship type | setting | sex act | sex toy | special occasion | story elements | warning | work length

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alpha/beta/omega dynamics

  • alpha (erotica; a/b/o; character feature)
  • alpha/beta/omega dynamics (erotica; a/b/o; genre)
  • alpha/omega (erotica; a/b/o; non-platonic relationship type)
  • heat sex (erotica; a/b/o; sex act)
  • knotting (erotica; a/b/o; sex act)
  • mating cycles (erotica; a/b/o; story element/trope)
  • omega (erotica; a/b/o; character feature)
  • omega in heat (erotica; a/b/o; story element/trope)
  • scent bonding (erotica; a/b/o; story element/trope)
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  • aeryn jemariel knox (erotica; author)
  • a. l. heard (erotica; author)
  • alec j. marsh (erotica; author)
  • aria d. leren (erotica; author)
  • boneturtle (erotica; author)
  • dei walker (erotica; author)
  • e. v. dean (erotica; author)
  • lyn weaver (erotica; author)
  • mikki madison (erotica; author)
  • nina waters (erotica; author)
  • r. l. houck (erotica; author)
  • robin mal (erotica; author)
  • samantha m. piper (erotica; author)
  • tris lawrence (erotica; author)
  • veronica sanders (erotica; author)
  • xianyu zhou (erotica; author)
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  • aftercare (erotica; bdsm)
  • bdsm (erotica; bdsm)
  • bondage (erotica; bdsm)
  • bondage (rope) (erotica; bdsm)
  • bondage (minor) (erotica; bdsm)
  • dom (erotica; bdsm; character feature)
  • sub (erotica; bdsm; character feature)
  • dom drop (erotica; bdsm)
  • dom/sub switching (implied) (erotica; bdsm)
  • humiliation (off-screen) (erotica; bdsm)
  • masochism (erotica; bdsm)
  • orgasm control (erotica; bdsm)
  • sadomasochism (consensual) (erotica; bdsm)
  • self-harm (masochistic) (erotica; bdsm)
  • subspace (erotica; bdsm)
  • whipping (off-screen) (erotica; bdsm)
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book format

  • epub (erotica; book format)
  • pdf (erotica; book format)
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character feature

  • amnesia (erotica; character feature)
  • anxiety (erotica; character feature)
  • bipoc (erotica; character feature)
  • clumsy (erotica; character feature)
  • didn’t know they were queer (erotica; character feature)
  • doppelganger (erotica; character feature)
  • elderly (background character) (erotica; character feature)
  • fat (erotica; character feature)
  • in the closet (erotica; character feature)
  • masochist (erotica; character feature)
  • murderer (erotica; character feature)
  • non-human genitalia (erotica; character feature)
  • oblivious (erotica; character feature)
  • panic attacks (mentions of) (erotica; character feature)
  • phobia (needles) (erotica; character feature)
  • self-esteem issues (erotica; character feature)
  • sex-averse (erotica; character feature)
  • tentacles (erotica; character feature)
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character gender

  • agender (erotica; character gender)
  • non-binary (erotica; character gender)
  • trans male (erotica; character gender)

character profession

  • actor (erotica; character profession)
  • artist (erotica; character profession)
  • athlete (erotica; character profession)
  • dancer (erotica; character profession)
  • doctor (erotica; character profession)
  • in a religious order (character profession)
  • mercenary (erotica; character profession)
  • nobility (erotica; character profession)
  • performer (erotica; character profession)
  • porn star (erotica; character profession)
  • prisoner (erotica; character profession)
  • royalty (erotica; character profession)
  • scientist (erotica; character profession)
  • soldier (erotica; character profession)
  • spy (erotica; character profession)
  • student (college) (erotica; character profession)
  • student (graduate) (erotica; character profession)

character religion

  • wiccan (erotica; character religion)

character romantic orientation

  • demiromantic (erotica; character romantic orientation)
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character sexual orientation

  • asexual (erotica; character sexual orientation)
  • bisexual (erotica; character sexual orientation)
  • gay(erotica; character sexual orientation)
  • lesbian (erotica; character sexual orientation)
  • lesbian (background character) (erotica; character sexual orientation)
  • pansexual (erotica; character sexual orientation)
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character special ability

  • creature transformation (animal) (erotica; character special ability)
  • creature transformation (bird) (erotica; character special ability)
  • creature transformation (dog) (erotica; character special ability)
  • creature transformation (dragon) (erotica; character special ability)
  • cultivation (erotica; character special ability)
  • magic use (erotica; character special ability)
  • self-lubrication (erotica; character special ability)
  • shapeshifting (erotica; character special ability)
  • telepathic communication (erotica; character special ability)
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  • victorian (erotica; era)
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  • alternate universe (erotica; fanworks)
  • fanworks (erotica; fanworks)
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  • dark comedy (genre)
  • dystopia (erotica; genre)
  • erotica (erotica; genre)
  • fantasy (erotica; genre)
  • fantasy with technology (erotica; genre)
  • gothic (erotica; genre)
  • historical (erotica, genre)
  • historical with cultivation (erotica; genre)
  • historical with magic (erotica; genre)
  • magical realism (genre)
  • modern (erotica; genre)
  • modern with magic (erotica; genre)
  • mythology (original) (erotica; genre)
  • science fiction (erotica; genre)
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narrative style

  • past tense (erotica; narrative style)
  • present tense (erotica; narrative style)
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narrator point of view

  • first person (erotica; narrator point of view)
  • third person (erotica; narrator point of view)
  • third person limited (alternating) (erotica; narrator point of view)
  • third person limited (erotica; narrator point of view)
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non-human character

  • deity (erotica; non-human character)
  • demon (erotica; non-human character)
  • fae and fairy folk (erotica; non-human character)
  • immortal (erotica; non-human character)
  • merperson (erotica; non-human character)
  • non-corporeal (erotica; non-human character)
  • non-human character (erotica; non-human character)
  • octopus person (erotica; non-human character)
  • vampire (erotica; non-human character)
  • werewolf (erotica; non-human character)


  • explicit (erotica; rating)
  • mature (erotica; rating)

relationship type

  • age difference (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • artist/model (erotica; non-platonic relationship
  • arranged marriage (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • childhood friends (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • commoner/noble (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • creation/creator (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • customer/employee (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • doctor/patient (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • dom/sub (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • dom/sub (subtext) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • employer/employee (consensual) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • enemies to lovers (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • established relationship (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • experienced partner/inexperienced partner (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f (past) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • f/f/m (mentions of) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • f/m (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • f/m (past) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • fake marriage (background) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • family (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • fighting to fucking (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • friends to lovers (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • friends with benefits (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • half-siblings (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • idiots to lovers (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • interspecies relationship (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m/m (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • m/m/nb (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • omg they were roommates (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • parenthood (mentions of) (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • polyamory (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • relationship of convenience (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • roleplaying: civilian/superhero (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • roleplaying: teacher/student (minor) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • secret relationship (erotica; relationship)
  • selfcest (pseudo) (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • servant/master (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • sex with sentient animals (erotica; non-platonic relationship)
  • siblings (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • twins (erotica; platonic relationship)
  • twosome to threesome (erotica; non-platonic relationship)


  • academia (erotica; setting)
  • california (erotica; setting)
  • china (erotica; setting)
  • church (erotica; setting)
  • coffee shop (erotica; setting)
  • college (erotica; setting)
  • cruise ship (erotica; setting)
  • great britain (erotica; setting)
  • los angeles (erotica; setting)
  • play room (erotica; setting)
  • public sex (erotica; setting)
  • royalty (erotica; setting)
  • semi-public (erotica; setting)
  • sports (hockey) (erotica; setting)
  • theater (erotica; setting)
  • washington (erotica; setting)
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sex act

  • anal fingering (erotica; sex act)
  • blow job (erotica; sex act)
  • breast play (erotica; sex act)
  • clitoral fingering (erotica; sex act)
  • clitoral stimulation (erotica; sex act)
  • cock warming (erotica; sex act)
    • comeplay (erotica; sex act)
  • coming untouched (erotica; sex act)
  • cunnilingus (erotica; sex act)
  • deep throating (erotica; sex act)
  • dildo in vagina sex (erotica; sex act)
  • doggy style (erotica; sex act)
  • double penetration in one hole (anal) (erotica; sex act)
  • dry humping (erotica; sex act)
  • dry orgasm (erotica; sex act)
  • dual cultivation (erotica; sex act)
  • edging (erotica; sex act)
  • face fucking (erotica; sex act)
  • fingering (erotica; sex act)
  • frottage (erotica; sex act)
  • hand job (erotica; sex act)
  • masturbation (erotica; sex act)
  • masturbation (minor) (erotica; sex act)
  • masturbation (mutual) (erotica; sex act)
  • missionary position (erotica; sex act)
  • nipple play (erotica; sex act)
  • orgasm delay (erotica; sex act)
  • orgasm denial (erotica; sex act)
  • pegging (mentions of) (erotica; sex act)
  • penis in anus sex (erotica; sex act)
  • penis in vagina sex (erotica; sex act)
  • penis in vagina sex (mentions of) (erotica; sex act)
  • rimming (erotica; sex act)
  • spit roasting (mentions of) (erotica; sex act)
  • tentacle in vagina sex (erotica; sex act)
  • topping from the bottom (erotica; sex act)
  • tribbing (erotica; sex act)
  • vaginal fingering (erotica; sex act)
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sex toy

  • aphrodisiac (erotica; sex toy)
  • butt plug (erotica; sex toy)
  • cock cage (erotica; sex toy)
  • dildo (strap-on) (erotica; sex toy)
  • lubricant (improvised) (erotica; sex toy)
  • sex toy (erotica; sex toy)
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special occasion

  • christmas (erotica; special occasion)
  • honeymoon (erotica; special occasion)
  • new year’s eve (erotica; special occasion)
  • romantic getaway (erotica; special occasion)
  • wedding (erotica; special occasion)
  • winter solstice (erotica; special occasion)
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story elements

  • alcohol use (casual) (erotica; story element)
  • alcohol use (casual) (mentions of) (erotica; story element)
  • angst (erotica; story element)
  • attraction at first sight (erotica; story element)
  • bad parenting (erotica; story element)
  • bathing together (erotica; story element)
  • be gay do crime (erotica; story element)
  • begging (erotica; story element)
  • belly bulge (erotica; story element)
  • biting (erotica; story element)
  • bittersweet ending (erotica; story element)
  • blood drinking (erotica; story element)
  • blood play (erotica; story element)
  • body art (erotica; story element)
  • body modification (accidental) (erotica; story element)
  • break-up (erotica; story element)
  • break-up (past) (erotica; story element)
  • breathplay (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • car accident (story element)
  • character injury (erotica; graphic descriptions)
  • character injury (permanent) (erotica; story element)
  • coming out (erotica; story element)
  • consent negotiation (erotica; story element)
  • corsetry (erotica; story element)
  • crying during sex (erotica; story element)
  • dirty talk (erotica; story element)
  • emotional abuse (erotica; story element)
  • emotional hurt/comfort (erotica; story element)
  • emotional hurt/comfort (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • emotional sex (erotica; story element)
  • erectile dysfunction (erotica; story element)
  • exhibitionism (erotica; story element)
  • explicit consent (erotica; story element)
  • fantasizing (erotica; story element)
  • fear kink (erotica; story element)
  • first date (erotica; story element)
  • first kiss (erotica; story element)
  • first time together (erotica; story element)
  • flirting (erotica; story element)
  • fluff (erotica; story element)
  • fraught family dynamics (erotica; story element)
  • fraught family dynamics (mentions of) (erotica; story element)
  • gaslighting (erotica; story element)
  • getting back together (erotica; story element)
  • getting together (erotica; story element)
  • hair care (erotica; story element)
  • hair pulling (erotica; story element)
  • hair pulling (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • happy ending (erotica; story element)
  • hurt/comfort (erotica; story element)
  • hurt/comfort (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • imprisonment (erotica; story element)
  • infidelity (erotica; story element)
  • the inherent eroticism of sparring (erotica; story element)
  • kidnapping (consensual) (erotica; story element)
  • kink exploration (erotica; story element)
  • kissing (erotica; story element)
  • lingerie (erotica; story element)
  • loss of virginity (erotica; story element)
  • love declaration (erotica; story element)
  • manhandling (erotica; story element)
  • manhandling (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • martyrdom (erotica; story element)
  • medical kink (erotica; story element)
  • metaphysics (erotica; story element)
  • multiple orgasms (erotica; story element)
  • one-night stand (erotica; story element)
  • overstimulation (erotica; story element)
  • physical oversensitivity (erotica; story element)
  • pining (mutual) (erotica; story element)
  • plot what plot (erotica; story element)
  • politics (erotica; story element)
  • possessive behavior (erotica; story element)
  • praise kink (erotica; story element)
  • priest kink (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • reincarnation (erotica; story element)
  • religion (erotica; story element)
  • reunions (erotica; story element)
  • risking getting caught (erotica; story element)
  • rough sex (erotica; story element)
  • rough sex (mentions of) (erotica; story element)
  • second chances (erotica; story element)
  • sensation play (erotica; story element)
  • sex games (erotica; story element)
  • sex pollen (erotica; story element)
  • sex without love (erotica; story element)
  • sexting (erotica; story element)
  • sexual teasing (erotica; story element)
  • size difference (erotica; story element)
  • size kink (erotica; story element)
  • slow burn (erotica; story element)
  • smut and feels (erotica; story element)
  • somnophilia (consensual) (erotica; story element)
  • sloppy seconds (erotica; story element)
  • temperature play (erotica; story element)
  • they had it coming (erotica; story element)
  • top/bottom versatility (erotica; story element)
  • unnegotiated kink (erotica; story element)
  • unprotected sex (erotica; story element)
  • voyeurism (imagined) (erotica; story element)
  • voyeurism (minor) (erotica; story element)
  • watching pornography together (erotica; story element)
  • wax play (erotica; story element)
  • wing kink (erotica; story element)
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  • abusive relationship (past) (erotica; warning)
  • bigotry (anti-werewolf) (mentions of) (erotica; warning)
  • body horror (erotica; warning)
  • body horror (mild) (erotica; warning)
  • body modification (involuntary) (erotica; warning)
  • cannibalism (past) (erotica; warning)
  • death of a sibling (implied) (erotica; warning)
  • death of a spouse (off-screen) (erotica; warning)
  • dubious consent (erotica; warning)
  • dubious consent (mild) (erotica; warning)
  • gender dysphoria (mentions of) (erotica; warning)
  • harm to animals (erotica; warning)
  • incest (half-sibling) (erotica; warning)
  • major character death (temporary) (erotica; warning)
  • minor character death (discussions of) (erotica; warning)
  • miscarriage (mentions of) (erotica; warning)
  • period-typical homophobia (erotica; warning)
  • rape/non-con (imagined) (erotica; warning)
  • robbery (mentions of) (erotica; warning)
  • transphobia (erotica; warning)
Transparent Duck Print: Red

work length

  • novelette (erotica; length)
  • novella (erotica; work length)
  • short story (erotica; length)
  • short story bundle (erotica; work length)