Explicit Imprint Newsletter: April 4, 2023

Make Your Springtime More Sultry with New Erotica from Duck Prints Press!

We’ve been hard at work bringing some of the newest, sexiest erotic short stories to our print. You’re not going to want to miss these very hot, very queer stories.

In this edition…

M/M Erotica:

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M/F Erotica:

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M/M Erotica

Lightbringer by boneturtle

There is a village at the far edge of the world where the people return to the same life each time they die. Endlessly, they forget and live each of their lifetimes as though it’s their first. They climb the mountains, and fish in the frozen lakes, and eat what the forest provides. They are improbably happy, and they pray to no one.

Except for once, each year, when the light fades.

The Fated Prince by Mikki Madison

Thirty years ago, Richard’s parents attempted to bind the fae king with a trick–offering their firstborn child in exchange for assistance, while hiding that their first child was fore-ordained to be stillborn.

To their surprise, their child lived.

Now, Richard is marrying a haughty, mysterious, and astonishingly beautiful fae prince. Navigating a marriage is tricky at the best of times, but that delicate dance is a hundredfold more difficult when one of the parties deals in magic, wordplay, exchanges, and challenges. Richard walks a tightrope between exercising caution and extending trust to a being who can twist his words into binding promises that he did not intend to make.

But despite all his caution, Richard is drawn to his otherworldly husband, his proximity stoking deep desires Richard had no idea he possessed. Then a challenge issued in the heat of the moment traps Richard in an untenable position: reveal those secret desires to the husband he still isn’t sure he can trust, or risk the retribution of the powerful fae prince.

We All Need to Get By by Lyn Weaver

Kel hadn’t set out to become a vampire’s snack. Like most things in his life, it had just sort of happened. He’d done something stupid because it had looked like fun, realized exactly where that path would lead him if he continued down it, and then somehow been surprised when he ended up exactly where he’d thought he would. The very first time Sevan had showed up in the old church, looking to thank the new neighbour for banishing that dreadful aura of zealotry that had been clinging on for centuries, Kel had looked at him and thought, I’m gonna end up being sucked dry, aren’t I?

Lust by Nina Waters

The scent of musk and anticipation hung heavy in the studio air. The musk was unavoidable—the set dressers sprayed it during every clean-up session to cover up the stink of the many sex scenes filmed in the room—but the anticipation was unusual. Surprised, Daniel sniffed again; he was roughly 86.3% sure that he wasn’t the source of that aroma.

He sure as hell could have been, though. Fuck, did he want this. He was slick and half hard just thinking about it.

Want You Both by boneturtle

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Mithros woke with his arms wrapped around Samael’s broad back, mind heavy and content. He nuzzled between his husband’s shoulder blades, reveling in how Samael’s demon body could cool itself against the oppressive, sticky heat that accompanied summer in their realm.

He was wondering why he’d woken while Samael was so soundly asleep when he heard a soft noise behind him. Carefully, he disentangled from Samael and rolled over to see Aren stroking himself, green-gold eyes heavy-lidded as he watched Mithros and Samael curled together.

Aren showed no embarrassment at being caught. Instead, Mithros’s gaze on him seemed to excite him further. He closed his eyes, lashes fluttering and lips falling open in a silent moan.


Snowbound and Love Sick by A. L. Heard

Just as he got a pot of water on the stove for some pasta, Nick heard thundering footsteps coming up the front steps. The door swung open, and Brady walked in, snow dusting his beard and clinging to his jacket.

Brady Jensen. Ugh, where to start? They’d met at freshman orientation, when Nick had fallen hard and fast for the brooding, dark-haired, blue-eyed cutie from his dorm. Brady was tall, fit, and worst of all, smart as hell with his awful (read: hot) applied mathematics and computer science double major. Actually, scratch that. Worst of all: Brady played hockey for their school’s D1 team. Not only were athletes hot, but hockey was the be-all and end-all of sports as far as Nick was concerned. His biggest mistake had been watching Brady’s games, because d-a-m-n.

Basically, Brady was designed to be Nick’s dream guy… except that he was completely straight.

F/F Erotica

Cecaelia by Dei Walker

This title is currently only available to people who back our Patreon at the $10/month or $25/month level!

Halyna hadn’t expected a show; she’d slunk in after dinner for a sunset sulk, eyes on the horizon. When she’d arrived, the lounge had been quiet, but now the room was full.

The reason why was obvious the moment the woman began to sing. Her voice was vibrant, honey and whiskey on the rocks. Delight shivered down Halyna’s spine.

M/NB Erotica

Fortune Favors Felines by R. L. Houck

“Tash?” Avery places a hand on Katashi’s shoulder, but all he does is blink once.

Beneath Avery’s fingers there is ice-cold skin and tense muscle. They frown and lean in closer, the height of the observation deck forgotten as they examine Katashi’s vacant stare. “Kitty? Kitty, you’re freaking me out here. Look at me, sweetie?” Avery moves their hand from Katashi’s shoulder to his chin and pulls. He doesn’t resist as his head turns. It takes a second, but recognition finally lights up his eyes, and the tight ball of anxiety in Avery’s chest loosens.

“—hello, Avery.”

M/F Erotica

No One Right Way by R. L. Houck

Sometime a little past 9 p.m., Rachel swanned into the bedroom from the bathroom. She paused suddenly a few steps past the doorway. Nikkōka glanced up, noting she wore the shorts-and-T-shirt combo she normally donned for bed. Her mouth was pinched with anxiety despite her confident stance.

“I am horny, and I am going to get off,” she announced.

Happy reading, everyone!