Explicit Imprint Newsletter: July 25th, 2022

Welcome to Duck Prints Press New Erotica Imprint: Duxxx Print Press!

We are so excited to share with you our newest stand-alone original fiction piece, under our new imprint, Duxxx Print Press! We’ll be expanding our catalog of titles a lot in the months to come, but all great things have to start somewhere, and we’re starting with one very sexy, very enjoyable new title just for you!

“Heated Desperation” by Aria D. Leren is our debut erotica title!

Genre: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Erotica, Modern

Rating: Explicit

Relationship: alpha/omega, dom/sub (subtext), established relationship, implied dom/sub switching, mlm

Character Features: alpha character, bipoc character, omega character, omega in heat

Tags: anal fingering, anal sex, blow job, comeplay, dirty talk, emotional hurt/comfort (mild), frottage, hand job, heat sex, knotting, mating cycles, orgasm delay, past tense, pet names, plot what plot, pov alternating third person limited, praise kink, rough sex

Word Count: 4,101


Desperation and not a small amount of panic had Soren pounding on the door of Quinn’s apartment at ten-thirty in the evening. He was sweating under the softest pair of pants he owned, and his shirt felt like it was slowly strangling him. The plans that he’d had for Quinn to come over to his house the next morning was gone, replaced by the need to have the alpha wrap his arms around him and never let go.

There was no answer at the door.

Uh oh, sounds like Soren is in trouble! Will Quinn be able to help with his problem? (Yes. The answer is yes. No twists here, just really hot A/B/O established relationship heat sex.) You know you gotta read it!

Get your e-book copy now (ePub and PDF both included) – only 99 cents US!

We hope you’ll join us as we continue to grow this aspect of our publishing house, and look forward to sharing many more hot, queer erotica with you, are fabulous readers!


Claire, Owner, Duck Prints Press LLC