Explicit Imprint Newsletter: June 8, 2023

Steam Up Your June with our Newest Erotica Titles!

Happy Thursday, and happy Pride everyone! We here at Duck Prints Press have been hard at work getting ready for an awesome queer month, and we couldn’t be happier to share the fruits of our labor with you! Read on, and learn all about it…

Coming soon…

It’s time to start getting excited – we’re officially working on our first-ever all-erotica anthology! Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica recently closed to author applicants, and we’re currently reviewing the submissions to determine who will write the 17 all-new stories, up to 7,500 words long, that we’ll include in this anthology!

Keep your eyes open for teasers, sneak peeks, contributor lists, and of course our official launch – we expect to crowdfund this project during the winter of 2023/2024!

New Releases

We’ve released four new erotica titles since our last newsletter!

Title: Things We Know, But Don’t Recall (Part 2 of the Sunrise Over the Black Forest ‘verse)
Author: Lyn Weaver

M/M, Gothic Fantasy, human/vampire

Sevan has no memories from before he was turned into a vampire. Aimless and abandoned by his creator, he lives a listless existence in the Black Forest, an ancient wood that he’s tied his unlife to so he won’t need to feed from humans.

And then a new human arrives in the forest, and even though Sevan doesn’t need to eat to survive, now, he hungers.

The first story of the Sunrise Over the Black Forest series introduced us to Sevan and Kel, a vampire lord and a priest in a relationship. This prequel shows us how they first met, from Sevan’s point of view!

Title: This Treatment for Chronic Pain has an Unbelievable Side Effect!
Author: Xianyu Zhou

M/NB, Modern with a Splash of Magic, Doctor/Patient (no consent issues)

Zeta has been very pleased with his new chronic pain treatment – he’s feeling a lot better. He’s also been pleased with the treatment’s primary side effect – improving his sexual performance.

Or at least he was pleased…until he gets an erection that won’t go down.

So now he has to suffer the mortifying ordeal of going to the doctor to discuss his newest problem and, even worse, he’s being treated by his crush, Dr. Anyang.

Title: In Which James Willoby Enjoys a Ball Far More than One Should
Author: A. L. Heard

M/M, Victorian Setting, Risking Getting Caught, Mutual Pining

Meet James Willoby, eligible bachelor, whose concerns at a ball extend far past avoiding unwanted dance partners. No, of greater moment to him is the heartbreak of knowing he can’t dance with the one person he’d most want to: party host Haywood Keating, who is also James’s secret paramour.

Publicly being seen to enjoy Haywood’s ball together is, of course, impossible. But, if they were to steal a few minutes together, might they be able to enjoy each other’s company at least a little?

(this story is erotica. the answer to that question is a resounding YES.)

Title: Irreverence
AuthorXianyu Zhou

M/M, CHECK THE TRIGGER WARNINGS, Dubious Consent, Xianxia

Behind the gauzy curtains of the bed, San-ge was lounging sideways, one arm propping up his upper body, a book held open between the fingers of his other hand. He was entirely engrossed by whatever he was reading; he didn’t even look up when Huan Xuan knelt by the bed with the cup of tea.

“Huan Xuan greets Third Prince Huan Shi,” he said softly, bowing his head as he held out the teacup steadily; his view of the bed and San-ge became limited. It was not the right title for San-ge, but Huan Xuan would rather bite off his tongue than remind them both of his brother’s status as the Crown Prince.

Want to Read All of These and More?

We’re now offering BUNDLES! Our first-ever short story bundle features all six erotica stories that we’ve published during spring, 2023 – the four above, plus No One Right Way by R. L. Houck and A Safe Place to Land by boneturtle!

You get all six – at a discount! Almost 100 pages of delicious smut, all yours for one low price!


We wish you all a wonderful month, and happy reading!
Claire Houck
Duck Prints Press