Explicit Imprint Newsletter: November 18, 2022

New Erotica from Duck Prints Press!

We’re letting the good times roll here at Duck Prints Press – with two new erotica releases since our last newsletter, and many more to come! Our first wlw erotica will be coming out on November 26th, we just finished initial editing on a f/m novella featuring a trans man making a fraught homecoming, and we’ve got multiple erotic titles scheduled for December. But enough generalities…on to the stories!

A Fun (and Sexy) Fandom 101 Lesson with Aeryn Jemariel Knox: What IS A/B/O?

Have you seen the abbreviation a/b/o floating around and wondered what it means? Do you see people talking about “alphas” and “omegas” and think maybe they’re talking about some Reddit incel nonsense? Does the phrase “alpha/beta/omega dynamics” mystify you?

Well, now is your chance to get all the basics, as explained by erotica writer and A/B/O aficionado Aeryn Jemariel Knox.

(and, once you’ve learned what it’s all about and are ready to sink your teeth into the real thing, why not check out our short story Heated Desperation by Aria D. Leren?)

New Release: Heart’s Scaffold by Alec J. Marsh

Title: Heart’s Scaffold

Author: Alec J. Marsh

Genre: Erotica, Science Fiction, Academia

Rating: Explicit

Relationship: dom/sub, established relationship, m/m

Character Features: anxiety, dom, graduate student, low self-esteem, scientist, sub

Tags: aftercare, alcohol use (casual) (mentions of), corsetry, hand job, kissing, penis in anus sex, orgasm delay, past tense, pov alternating third person limited, praise kink, rope bondage, sexual teasing, subspace, topping from the bottom


Kit stared at himself in the mirror in dismay. He wasn’t ugly. He knew he wasn’t ugly, from his own artistic and critical eye and from the way other students looked at him behind their books and from the affirmations he begged out of Ally.

Tonight, with so much riding on his ability to make a good first impression, all he could see were flaws.

There was a pimple above his eyebrow, a rough patch of razor burn on his chin, a slump to his shoulders leftover from too many nights hunched over a book. He needed to convey control and competence, and he couldn’t do that looking like a nervous schoolboy.

Ally stirred in the bedsheets and sighed deeply. “Come back to bed,” he murmured.

Length: 14 pages/4,369 words

Price: 99 cents

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New Release: Pas de Deux by Aeyrn Jemariel Knox

Title: Pas de Deux

Author: Aeryn Jemariel Knox

Genre: Modern

Rating: Erotica

Relationship: dom/sub (subtext), employer/employee relationship (no consent issues), established relationship, m/m

Character Features: dancer

Tags: anal fingering, begging, blow job, breath play (minor), deep throating, face fucking, lubricant (improvised), penis in anus sex, pov third person limited, present tense, rimming, semi-public sex, sexual teasing, theater


Jett is certain that his choreographer is a sadist. When all the other dancers had been dismissed from rehearsal, leaving just the two of them alone on the main stage, Jett hadn’t realized he’d be in for over an hour of being put through his paces. His muscles ache in places he barely knew he had, which is impressive considering that he’s been dancing since the age of seven and thought he knew all the different ways his muscles could ache. There’s sweat rolling down his sides; he can feel it. Hell, he can smell it. It’s never a good sign when he can smell his own BO, and it’s doubly bad when the hot choreographer is getting up close in his business.

Hot sadistic choreographer.

Length: 13 pages/5,076 words

Price: 99 cents US

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Upcoming Erotica Releases

Duck Prints Press aims to publish an erotica short story every other week on Saturdays. We also publish stories aimed at general audiences (want to hear about our general titles? not subscribed to that mailing list? you can sign up here!), Curious what’s coming down the line?

November 26th: “Easier than Expected” by Samantha M. Piper. W/W, a planned murder gone so-wrong-but-so-right, a slice of dark comedy, and some long-overdue sexual exploration.

December: “so he won’t fly away” by Tris Lawrence. M/M. After finally getting together, two men take some time alone to get to know each other more intimately. (This is the first title in our December “theme month” featuring stories related to holidays, and is a short story about the main characters of Tris Lawrence’s “Commit to the Kick” – so make sure you check out the novel about them, too!)

December: “Hundred Miles” by Alec J. Marsh. F/M. A trans man goes home to face his transphobic family, and finds some unexpected support, too…

December: “In the Moonlight” by E. V. F/F. Two friends go on a trip together and discover that they’ve each been harboring more-than-friendly feelings.

December: “Clerical Error” by Dei Walker. F/F. In a fantasy setting, a mercenary and the cleric she’s been hired to guard recognize the magnetism underlying their tiffs.

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