Explicit Imprint Newsletter: October 17, 2022

New Erotica from Duck Prints Press!

After a period of silence post-publication of our first erotica title, we’re thrilled to be outreaching again with a new erotica title, another slated to come out on October 29th, and more on the way!

Now Available: “Study Hall” by Alec J. Marsh

Title: Study Hall

Author: Alec J. Marsh

Genre: Modern

Rating: Erotica

Relationship: dom/sub, established non-platonic relationship, m/m, roleplaying: teacher/student (minor)

Character Features: profession: graduate student

Tags: begging, blow job, breath play (minor), butt plug, cock cage, college setting, dirty talk, manhandling, orgasm control, orgasm denial, penis in anus sex, plot what plot, present tense, pov third person limited, semi-public sex, sex toy, sexting


“Professor Mendes wants us to prep for the test next week,” Kim says, but no one is listening. He can’t blame them; it’s nearly the end of the semester, and he doesn’t want to be stuck in the stuffy third-floor classroom either. Most of the students take this course as an elective, which means the stakes are higher for him than anyone else, and no one is incentivized to make his life easier.

He exhales. His phone buzzes in his pocket, and his heart jumps.

Only one person actually texts him—the only person in his life too stubborn to use any kind of social media.

Length: 11 pages/3,468 words

Price: 99 cents US

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Upcoming Erotica Releases

Going forward, Duck Prints Press will be publishing at least one title a week, every week, on Saturdays. Some titles are general audiences (want to hear about our general titles? not subscribed to that mailing list? you can sign up here!), and we’ll be aiming to release one to two erotica titles each month. Curious what’s coming down the line?

October 29th: “Pas de Deux” by Aeryn Knox. M/M. Two dancers, a needy bottom, an assertive top, set in a theater dressing room.

November: “Easier than Expected” by Samantha Piper. F/F. What’s spicier than planning a murder? Falling in love with your co-conspirator…

November: “Heart’s Scaffold” by Alec J. Marsh. M/M. Sci-fi academics, corsets, and bondage – oh my!

Want more erotica every month?

Well, we’ve got you covered! We release a new erotica short story, up to 5,000 words, for our Patreon and ko-fi supporters every month ($10+ backer levels). A lot of these stories do end up published on our website – but with a six-month-or-longer delay, and a per-title cost. Want to read them first and fastest? Want to make sure you don’t miss a single one? Consider backing us now for gems like this…

Title: Urchin Juiced

Author: Xianyu Zhou

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: Erotica

Character Features: creature character, merperson

Tags: aphrodisiacs, food (descriptions of), fantasizing, fear kink, fingering, masochism, masturbation, non-human genitalia, past tense, rape/non-con (imagined), self-lubrication, self-harm (masochistic), voyeurism (imagined)


Yun would have been more upset about it if he wasn’t loose-limbed and floaty, drunk from having so much of the rich [urchin] at once. He stretched, rolling about aimlessly, tried to string his thoughts together, but his mind was distracted by the warmth in his belly, a nebulous craving weighing down his chest.

That heat wasn’t something Yun usually paid attention to, especially outside of the mating season, but he couldn’t stop his thoughts from straying to satiating his needs, not with his skin tingling as his body digested the urchin meat. Half a mind still on the curious landfolk, he dared to venture a thought: what would those two landfolk do if they came into the sunken ship, if they had come back while Yun was distracted and were now right around the corner?

There were tales about sordid encounters between mers and landfolks. Yun had heard plenty of them, each one more daring than the previous. While he had never considered actively seeking out interested landfolk—there were islands and beaches where such activities were popular—he’d still wondered if such relationships would truly be as pleasurable as the stories made them out to be.

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Happy Monday,

Claire Houck, Owner, Duck Prints Press