General Imprint Newsletter: 10/28/23

Shop Duck Prints Press and Support Camp Unirondack!

Tomorrow, October 29th, Duck Prints Press will be vending at A Big Gay Market in Washington Park in Albany, New York.

In addition to a portion of our vending fee automatically going to charity, 10% of our net profit from the market will go to Unirondack Queer Youth Advocacy Retreat, a radically inclusive camp on Niiohehsà:ne in Upstate New York.

Can’t attend the market but want to help the Camp? Shop our website tomorrow: 10% of our net profit on ALL WEBSITE SALES will also be donated to the charity!

You can learn more about the Market and Camp Unirondack by visiting our blog post or their linked webpages.

We hope to see you there!

Looking for Great Reads?

October has featured a lot of awesome queer book days, and we’ve celebrated by sharing loads of book recommendations for some of our favorite queer books! If you’re looking for something to read, why not take a peek?

Also – did you know we have a Goodreads account? It’s a great place to find our books (and leave reviews, we love getting your reviews!) and, also awesome, we’ve now got Shelves organized for all our past rec lists! So now you can quickly find recommendations based on the representation included.

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October Short Story Releases

Title: A Cup and Company
Author: A. J. Ash

F/NB, Coffee Shop Meet-Cute, the Ennui of Modern Wage Employment

Zoe hates her part-time job in telemarketing, but at least it pays the bills while she’s in graduate school, and at least it’s just down the street from the adorable Corner Café. When she stops in for pick-me-up and gets trapped in the café by a rainstorm, though, the last thing she expects is some company while she drinks her cup of rose chai latte.


Title: A Friendly Neighbourhood Monster Mash!
Author: J. D. Harlock

General (No Ship), Chat Room Transcript, Just How Does a Group of Monsters Agree On Where to Host a Monster Mash?

User Gill-Man, user Undead & Loathing It, user Phan-atic of the Opera, user I’m a Motherlovin’ Monsta, user Mummy’s Boy, and user Big Bad Wolfy have joined the chat for the group Monster Mash TONIGHT.

Or: a humorous take on all our favorite Hollywood classic-movie monsters debating the logistics of hosting this year’s Halloween Monster Mash.

Title: Brady Jensen vs. Haunted House
Author: A. L. Heard

M/M, Modern High School Setting, Mutual Pining Idiots to Lovers

Brady Jensen is excited to attend this year’s Halloween festival with his friends. It’s got hayrides, a corn maze, oodles of pumpkins, lots of fun things to do…and it’s got a haunted house.

Brady is not excited for the haunted house.

But at least his crush Nick is there to give him something to think about other than his fears…

This story is an alternate universe take on Nick Porter and Brady Jensen, the main characters of A. L. Heard’s novel “Hockey Bois.” No knowledge of the source material is needed to enjoy this story.


Title: First Date
Author: E. J. Daunting

Fantasy with Technology, M/M, Immortal x Half-Orc, Getting Acquainted

E. J. Daunting’s debut story with Duck Prints Press features an immortal trekking thousands of miles to find out who has tied him into a soul-kin bond. Braeden expects to find a powerful, malicious mage. Instead, he finds a young half-orc bartender! What do these two now-bound souls have to say to each other?