General Imprint Newsletter: November 24, 2023

A text graphic over a watercolor-esque background of light rainbow shades. The text reads: This Saturday, November 25th, celebrate Small Business Saturday. Below this text is the American Express 'Shop Small' logo, then the word at, then the Duck Prints Press Logo that reads Duck Prints Press, is edged on the left and bottom by duck prints in rainbow shades, has the Press duck mascot Dux standing on the right, and includes the Press slogan 'We Print Diversity' at the bottom. Additional text below this reads: Use code ? to save 25% off your order placed this weekend!

Start the Season Off By Shopping Small!

This Saturday, November 25th, is Small Business Saturday, and to celebrate, Duck Prints Press is running our best deal of the year: use the coupon code xxxxxxxx to save 25% off your entire order placed between now and the end of Sunday, November 26th! (coupon codes are for subscribers only. Become a subscriber now!)

We’ve Expanded Our Offerings to Help You Find the Perfect Purchase…

A graphic over a background of rainbow colors in watercolor splotches. Text at the top reads: Now available at Below this is an array if items with accompany labels: "art prints" with two examples, "Print books" with DPP anthologies "He Bears the Cape of Stars," "She Wears the Midnight Crown," and "And Seek (Not) to Alter Me," "Shirts" with three examples, two of which are t-shirts and one of which is a hoodie, "Stickers and Magnets" with a citrus slice with rainbow segments and a Dux with a mustache, devil horns, devil tail, and trident, and "Enamel Pins" with an owl, raccoon, crow, fox, moose, and wolf pin, and also a woman in a crown and a man in a cape. At the bottom of the graphic, text reads "...and MORE!"

We’ve added a ton of awesome new offerings to our webstore, including all the merchandise leftover from our past campaigns, former Patreon-only stickers and magnet offerings, print copies of three of our anthologies (He Bears the Cape of Stars, She Wears the Midnight Crown, and And Seek (Not) to Alter Me: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”), and we’ve set up a print-on-demand service so we can offer shirts and other hard-to-stock items! If you haven’t checked out recently, there is no time like the present!

What have we got? Well, what are you looking for?? We have…

So come on over this weekend, and don’t forget:

Coupon Code: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Expires: end of the day on Sunday, November 26th

And don’t forget – you can keep the small business support, AND the discounts, going all year round by supporting Duck Prints Press on Patreon!

Among the many awesome benefits backers get? Patreon-exclusive coupon codes! $3/month and $5/month backers get 10% all year round, $7/month and $10/month backers get 20% all year round, and $25/month backers beat this sale all year round with a wonderful 30% off every website purchase.