General Imprint Newsletter: September 18, 2023

Pre-Orders Now Open for “Many Drops Make a Stream”

Adrian Harley’s debut sapphic fantasy novel Many Drops Make a Stream is now available for pre-order on our website.

A memory-stealing cult.
The ever-watchful City of Eyes.
Making small talk.

Join Droplet as she faces all these horrors and more…

Vigilante shapeshifter Droplet has trained her entire life to take down those with more power than scruples, but she still makes mistakes. When a rescue mission goes wrong, a memory-stealing cult of blood mages escapes with kidnapped captives in tow. To save them, Droplet reluctantly teams up with the outgoing, tenacious Azera. Droplet knows better than to trust a human—she made that mistake once, and that person’s betrayal scattered her community across the known world—and she can tell Azera is hiding secrets behind her sunny smile. But if they can’t learn to work together, even Droplet’s own memories could be lost.

Many Drops Make a Stream is rated general (adult) audiences and features shapeshifting shenanigans, a nascent f/f quarrelers-to-lovers pre-relationship, a wonderful extended cast of family and pseudo-family, necromancy and blood magic and spellwork (oh my!), and one (1) very angry goose.

It’s Bisexual Awareness Week!

And we’re celebrating by sharing some of our favorite reads featuring bisexual characters. Read all about our 18 picks!

Convention Vending

Duck Prints Press rang in the end of summer by vending at conventions for the first time. We had a stellar time in the dealer’s room at Fandom Fest and vending in Dealer’s Row at Albacon. Missed the cons? You can still watch the panels we participated in at Albacon – details on how to access them are here – and we really had a blast and met some awesome people – and we wanted y’all to have a chance to meet them too, so we wrote up a long con wrap blog post to share with everyone! See all the shinies, read about some awesome folks, learn more about the conventions, and get a sneak peek at some of our plans for vending in the future, all in one ginormous blog post!

What’s Next From Duck Prints Press?

We’ll be having a very busy fall.

  • September 28th: three new short stories will be released: A Ghost for Halloween by K. B. Vimes, Commute by Eliot Lovell, and What Monsters Need by Lyn Weaver
  • September 30th: the pre-order campaign for Many Drops Make a Stream ends!
  • Early October: pre-orders open for print copies of To Drive the Hundred Miles, Alec J. Marsh’s “Hallmark Christmas movie but make it queer” novella.
  • October: we will be releasing future new short stories direct to our Patreon. Love our shorts? Now’s a great time to become a backer!
  • October: distribution for our last anthology Kickstarter campaign, Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers,” should be completed by the end of October!
  • October 29th: we’ll be vending at A Big Gay Market in Washington Park in Albany, New York.
  • November: crowdfunding for our next anthology Aether Beyond the Binary will run on Kickstarter! This anthology features modern-esque aetherpunk settings, and every story stars characters whose gender is outside the binary – non-binary, agender, genderfluid, etc. We’re so excited to be bringing this out for y’all!
  • November: the first round of straight-to-Patreon stories includes new works by Dei Walker, R. L. Houck, Zel Howland, Lyn Weaver, Julia Perroni, A. J. Ash, N. C. Farrell, and Terra Waters. Make sure you keep your eyes on the e-mails so you don’t miss a thing!

Thanks for your continued support for and interest in Duck Prints Press, and we hope you had a wonderful summer!