General Interest Newsletter: April 15, 2021

Welcome to our Inaugural News Blast!

Hello, thank you, and welcome to our first mailing list blast! We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us and learn more about what Duck Prints Press is working on now!

Our biggest news is that we have our first brand new title since we opened our figurative doors in February!

The Last Letters of Mrs. Victoria Holmwood by Nina Waters (also known as unforth!) is an epistolary historical science fiction/time travel short story.

Summary: A note from Mrs. Victoria Holmwood: Not long before my son Thomas returned home after Armistice Day, he sent me a collection of remarkable letters penned by a woman whose story could have been, and nearly was, my own. Assessing their veracity and authenticity has proved impossible; I’m left solely my own judgement on which to base my assessment. I believe them real. Hence, I’ve chosen to publish this abridged version of select items from the collection shared with me. I believe it’s what she would have wished. Read on, and decide their truthfulness for yourself.

Categories:Adult Audiences, Angst, eBook, Historical, Historical With Sci-Fi, Short Story, Time Travel

Tags: adult audiences, angst, assassination, elderly character, epistolary, epub ebook, france, germany, great britain, happy ending, historical with sci-fi, major character death, mobi ebook, netherlands, non graphic depictions of violence, pdf ebook, short story, stand alone story, the 1950s, time travel, unreliable narrator, world war i

Word Count: 7,490 pages

Format: e-book (ePub, Mobi and PDF)

Price: 99 cents

Available NOW on our website!

Did you know?

Our Patreon helps support our general operating budget, and gives out backers access to numerous benefits – not least of which is, backers at the $10 and $25 level can get The Last Letters of Mrs. Victoria Holmwood for free!

On the horizon…

Duck Prints Press is still only a few months old, but we’ve got some great things coming, including…

  • Our first anthology Add Magic to Taste will be Kickstarting in July, 2021! It will feature 20 brand new, original short stories about people of all walks of life finding love in coffee shops, bakeries, and the like. Be prepared, we’re bringing the fluff and happy feels with this one!
  • Our second anthology – not yet titled – will Kickstart in September, and will feature art and stories inspired by Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare!
  • The first book of Tris Lawrence’s “Welcome to Phu” series, Commit to the Kick, will by coming to DPP in e-book form this Summer!
  • A.L. Heard’s debut novel Hockey Bois will also be available through the Duck Prints Press website starting this Summer.

All that and more is in the works – we’re thrilled about all the queer fiction we’ve got coming your way! So keep your eyes open, help us spread the word, read and review whichever of our titles catch your eye, and we look forward to sharing our inspiration with you going forward!

Happy reading!

Claire Houck


Duck Prints Press LLC