General Interest Newsletter: January 3, 2023

Duck Prints Press is Taking Flight in 2023!

Happy New Year, everyone! Coming off an awesome 2022 – three successful crowdfunding campaigns, almost 20 new publications, a bunch new merch – we couldn’t be more excited for everything that’s to come in 2023!

We’re starting with a very busy January. Read on to learn all about it!

We’re launching 2023 with a freebie offer for anyone who supports us on Patreon or ko-fi! New backers can pick a sticker, magnet, book mark, or other merchandise item worth up to $5 from our store. This free extra is a big THANK YOU to everyone who decides to support us, and is on top of all our regular rewards – free stories, behind-the-scenes information, Discord access, and more!

Interested in backing us? Check out the levels and sign-up on Patreonor ko-fi!

Want to read more about the promo? We have a blog post for that!

(there’s also a related giveaway on our social media – a chance to win a copy of Add Magic to Taste! – so maybe take a peek at that too on Tumblr…)

Duck Prints Press Titles Now Distributing through Ingram!

We’re really super-duper thrilled to share that, for the past several months, we’ve been working on setting up wider distribution of Duck Prints Press titles, and as of December, part of our catalog is now available through a number of partners thanks to Ingram’s distribution services. You can now get select e-books through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and many other platforms (but not Amazon, because Reasons).

Even better, you can also get the offered titles through many library systems! Does your library work with Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive, Proquest, or any of a number of others? Well, now you can get our books that way, too!

Currently, we’re only distributing two titles: Add Magic to Taste and an erotic novella we released in December. However, we’re hard at work adding additional titles; And Seek (Not) to Alter Me: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” Commit to the Kick by Tris Lawrence, and A Glimmer of Hope by Nina Waters will all be available by the end of January.

We also expect to list future anthologies, novels, and novellas for distribution. We’re still considering if we should offer our short stories – if the amount of demand is worth the expense of listing them – so if you’ve got an opinion on whether you’d like us to make those more available, we’d love to hear from you! Our inbox at is open any time.

Celebrate the New Year with Discounts on New Books!

As of today, we’ve got 27 books and 20 merchandise items available in our store. Have you been eyeing some of them? Of course you have! Well, join us in celebrating 2023 with a coupon for 23% of your purchase of two or more items! Load up your cart, enter the code [sign up for our newsletter to get coupons!], and start saving!

December Releases

December, we released 7 titles – three general imprint short stories, an four erotica stories! If you want to hear about the erotica titles, you’ll need to sign up for our erotica newsletter; if you’re ready to learn about the general imprint releases you are in the right place!

Meet C(omm)ute by Violet J. Hayes

Priya locked her apartment door and started down the three flights of stairs to the street. Her mornings were calm and predictable: wake up, shower, breakfast, and pray the bus wasn’t late. Lately, though? Lately she’d been wishing for something slightly less predictable, something that would leave her waking up each morning with a sense of anticipation.

Changing things up was completely within her abilities. She could put herself out there, ask the few college friends she still kept in touch with if they knew anybody to fix her up with, maybe join a dating site. The thought alone had her shuddering. While Priya was extremely popular with the five-and-under set at work, talking to other adults—particularly women—felt less natural than playing dragons in a wooden block castle.

Meet C(omm)ute by Violet J. Hayes

Let the Solstice Come by D. V. Morse

Eithne released her bipedal form as soon as she reached the center of the field of sprouting emmer, dispersing her mass through the soil. It should have been a relief to do so. She should have been soaking in her home element, savoring the smell and taste of it, drifting off for a much-needed rest as the ground cooled for the winter.

None of those things were the case.

Let the Solstice Come by D. V. Morse

The Act of Salvation by Nicola Kapron

The first thing you saw was light. Harsh, white light, streaming down from all sides, carving through the cool darkness of non-existence like scalpels. It tore the lingering weariness from your head and left you with a series of uncomfortable truths. First, you were lying on what appeared to be a dissection slab. Second, you were strapped down with a network of shining golden threads, glowing hot against skin the colour and texture of bone. Third, you were not breathing.

The Act of Salvation by Nicola Kapron

New Social Media Platforms

With the advent of the Muskening on Twitter, Duck Prints Press has taken the opportunity to expand options for where people can follow us! Here’s the full list of our current regularly updated social media accounts:

We post our major announcements on all our platforms, and we also make an effort to post at least some unique content on each platform, so check them out and follow the ones that interest you the most! We look forward to seeing you there. 😀

We hope your 2022 came to a peaceful, wonderful close and that your 2023 is off too a fabulous start! Happy New Year to you and yours!


Claire Houck, Owner, Duck Prints Press