General Interest Newsletter: March 16, 2023

Celebrate March By Joining Us at the Masquerade!

Have you heard all the great things people have had to say about our anthologies He Bears the Cape of Stars and She Wears the Midnight Crown? Did you miss your chance to get your own copies when we crowdfunded the books in 2022? Well, your moment to come to the masquerade has arrived!

Duck Prints Press’s anthologies He Bears the Cape of Stars and She Wears the Midnight Crown, featuring 34 stories by 34 authors exploring the potential for mlm and wlw relationships growing and changing during unusual masquerades, are now available! From science fiction to fantasy to modern to historical, these anthologies take the reader to many different settings, with larger-than-life characters exploring the world around them, the people they meet, and themselves! The casts are as diverse as Pride itself, and whether they’re looking for love, a second chance, a companion, or a friend, these books have a little bit of everything!
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Barnes and Noble (She Wears the Midnight Crown)
Barnes and Noble (He Bears the Cape of Stars)
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Kobo (He Bears the Cape of Stars)
…and from many other e-book retailers. Or, request them at your library!

Love Merch?

Extra merchandise from the masquerade anthologies crowdfunding campaign is now on sale too! Did you miss the campaign? Are you dying for an amazing tote bag, a gorgeous bookmark, an aromatic candle, a glossy sticker or two, a new patch, or some lovely queer art for your walls? You can get this merch, and lots of merch from our past campaigns, from our website NOW!

She Wears the Midnight Crown merchandise: art print | bookmark | dux sticker

He Bears the Cape of Stars merchandise: art print | bookmark | dux sticker

Other campaign merchandise: chibi masquerade patch | scented candle | tote bag

Was there campaign merch you wanted that’s not available on our store? We have very limited quantities left of our enamel pins, and we have a whole heck of a lot of seconds (as in, damaged copies) of the print books! If your interested, feel free to drop us a line on any of our social media platforms or at info at duckprintspress dot com – we’d be delighted to hook you up!

We’ve got a lot of other great, recent publications too, so make sure to take a minute to browse our catalog while you’re visiting our webpage! We’ll be sending out a more general update in a week or two, about the titles we’ve released recently and what’s in the works!

Here’s to the start of spring!

Claire Houck

Owner, Duck Prints Press LLC