General Interest Newsletter: November 2, 2022

The Latest from Duck Prints Press

Four new titles in October, five (or more!) to come in November, our first art-based Kickstarter campaign, and more—we’ve been very busy, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to read on and learn all about what we’ve been up to!

A New Kickstarter Campaign: Eerie Animal Enamel Pins

For our first merchandise-only campaign, Duck Prints Press approached the spectacular artist Aceriee (Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter), who has done pin designs for two of our past three crowdfunding campaigns, and encouraged her to let her imagination run wild. The results are gorgeous, unique, and perfect for the season: 7 animals at their spooky, creepy, scary best, depicted in the rich colors of fall. Seasonal enough to enhance any autumn outfit, classy enough for year-round wear.

From top left to bottom right, we have: Crow, Fox, Wolf, Owl, Raccoon, Bear, and Moose. Each pin is 2 in x 2 in (5 cm x 5 cm) and feature black nickel metal with soft enamel color work coated by a clear epoxy finish. They have two attachment posts with silver butterfly closures and feature either 6 or 8 colors, one of which glows in the dark (which varies in each pin).

This campaign is tiered – we’ve hit our base funding goal, which means all backers can choose the Crow pin and/or the Wolf pin. If we can hit $3,500 in funding (we’re halfway there), we’ll also be able to offer the Moose and Bear; at $6,000, the Owl and Raccoon also become available. At $9,000, we add the Fox to the mix and also reveal a hidden design – and after that we’ve got two more hidden designs, if we can get that high!

Have you backed our past campaigns and loved our pins? Do you know Aceriee’s art and love it? Do you just think pins are awesome? Then this is the campaign for you!

This campaign ends November 27th; Check it out now!

October New Releases

We released four new titles and one of our past anthologies in October. We already announced And Seek (Not) to Alter Me becoming available in our last newsletter. In addition to that, we released two erotica titles (as always, if you want information about our erotica releases, you should sign up for our Erotica Newsletter) and two super fluffy, cheery wlw short stories that you shouldn’t miss!

The Problem with Wishes by Annabeth Lynch

Title: The Problem with Wishes by Annabeth Lynch

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: wlw

Tags: british mythology, character is a barista, character is a pixie, character is a satyr, coffee shop setting, creature character, descriptions of eating, descriptions of food, fae and faeryfolk, greek mythology, meet cute, magical mishaps, new york city, past tense, pov third person limited, united states of america

Summary: It’s a day like every other at The Enchanted Cafae—a home-away-from-home and place of safety for the magical and mythological creatures of New York City—until a mortal walks in. Now Kade, part-owner and barista, has to figure out how to handle the intrusion.

Length: 5 pages/2,006 words

Price: 75 cents US

Got You Covered by D. V. Morse

Title: Got You Covered by D. V. Morse

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: f/f

Tags: attraction at first sight, character feature: anxiety, difficult break up (past), flirting, getting together, location: hartford connecticut usa, masquerading as human, meet cute, non-human character: elemental, non-human character: fire spirit, non-human character: water spirit, profession: nurse, profession: research assistant, past tense, pining, pov third person limited, setting: coffee shop, setting: florist shop, setting: public transportation, sharing an umbrella


As an undine, Kayleigh usually found early spring rainstorms refreshing, but today she was exhausted and surrounded by humans. Kayleigh had had a long week at Hartford’s Office of Legislative Research, and she couldn’t wait to get home and literally melt into her bathtub. The last thing she needed was to have raindrops encouraging her to join them in the nearest puddle She had to hold herself together long enough to manage the bus ride home to her empty apartment.

She didn’t have an umbrella.

Length: 8 pages/2,566 words

Price: 75 cents US

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November Releases: New Titles Every Saturday!

October marked the debut of weekly short stories on the Duck Prints Press website; November marks the debut of theme months! Each month, we propose a theme to our short-story authors and we publish whatever awesome ideas they come up with. Not all stories published in a given month will be linked to the theme, but you can bet at least some of them will be!

For November, knowing that our Eerie Animal enamel pin campaign would be launching on Kickstarter, we proposed the theme Eerie Fall to our authors, and they came back with three awesome stories (with at least one more in the pipeline that we’re hoping to be able to release on the last Saturday of the month). The release schedule for November is:

November 5th: “Widow’s Black” by Nina Waters—a crow-themed revenge story set against the backdrop of the post-Civil War United States. Price: 99 cents.

November 12th: “Campfire Stories” by Nicola Kapron—a group of youths gather around a campfire to tell scary stories in the forest. What could possibly go wrong? Price: 99 cents.

November 12th: [redacted: this title is erotica. If you want to get updates about our erotica titles, you can sign up here.]

November 19th: “A Shield For the People” by Puck Malamud—a young man uses a sword and the knowledge he gained at beis midrash to fight the supernatural. Price: 75 cents.

November 26th: [redacted: this title is erotica. If you want to get updates about our erotica titles, you can sign up here.]

Changes to Monthly Backing Options

You asked, and we answered: we’ve modified two of our current backer levels, and added a third, with the aim of helping our monthly backers on Patreon and ko-fi get more of what they want most: fabulous stories to read!

$3 Backer Level: no changes (includes: access to our backer blog, Discord access, name of your choice on our website Supporters list, one free short story per month, voting rights on anthology theme surveys)

$5 Backer Level: no changes (includes: everything at the $3 level, plus backers have unlimited Ask Us Anything, can nominate and/or vote for themes for blog posts and short stories, receive micro-fiction (under 1,000 words) for free)

$7 Backer Level (NEW!): This new backer level is for short-story lovers. It includes everything at the $5 backer level, and also backers at this level can pick up to four short stories from our web catalog each month, and we’ll send them your way! Don’t see four you want any given month? No worries, we bank your choices for future months!

$10 Backer Level: now includes everything at the $5 level, backer-exclusive extras for backing our crowdfunding campaigns (backers of the Eerie Animal campaign who are at this level or the $25 level will get an extra pin!!), a free erotica story each month and voting rights to pick that story’s themes, and now this level also includes the backer’s choice of either up to four short stories per month or up to two novellas a month or a novel a month! And as always, any story rewards that go unclaimed can always be selected in a future month.

$25 Backer Level: now includes everything at the $10 level, except with even more stories! $25/month backers get as many short stories as they want each month, and up to two novellas, and a novel of their choice. Backers at this level also get complimentary copies of all “flat” merch made during our crowdfunding book campaigns, a T-shirt (after three months of backing), two die-cut stickers per year, and a merch item (chosen collectively!) each year. (The 2022 item was this Dux key chain, for example).

Want more of our stories? Want to help us grow? Don’t hesitate – back us now on Patreon or ko-fi!

As always, thank you so much for your support! Duck Prints Press is taking off because of your interest, and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Claire Houck, Owner, Duck Prints Press