General Interest Newsletter: November 26, 2022

What’s New From Duck Prints Press!

Happy Small Business Saturday everyone! We’ve had a busy November, with six new titles, and even more to come in December. Learn all about our newest titles, don’t forget our crowdfunding campaign ending tomorrow, and get a special coupon good now through Cyber Monday!

Last Day to Support Our Eerie Animal Enamel Pin Campaign!

The campaign for our fabulous “eerie animal” enamel pins ends Sunday, November 27th at 10 AM Eastern time. We’ve unlocked our Crow and Wolf pins, but we’re still $1,500 away from unlocking the next two designs – the Moose and Bear! It’s not too late to get your own pins, and help us reach the tier to make more options available to backers!

For our first merchandise-only campaign, Duck Prints Press approached the spectacular artist Aceriee (Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter), who has done pin designs for two of our past three crowdfunding campaigns, and encouraged her to let her imagination run wild. The results are gorgeous, unique, and perfect for the season: 7 animals at their spooky, creepy, scary best, depicted in the rich colors of fall. Seasonal enough to enhance any autumn outfit, classy enough for year-round wear.

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Celebrate Small Business This Weekend!

It’s Small Business Saturday, and we’re here with a deal! We’ve put out a lot of great titles the last couple months, and shared a lot of our merchandise too – lots of great gift ideas here for any book lover!

So why not check out our current listings, get a present for a loved one (or a treat for yourself!), and save a little money with this coupon – good for 25% your entire cart, now through Tuesday, November 29th!

Just enter coupon code: blackfriday25

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Eerie Fall Themed Stories

We dared our authors to come up with stories inspired by eerie animal enamel pin campaign, and the results are in: four fascinating, creepy tales to add some pumpkin spice to any dark late-fall evening!

Widow’s Black by Nina Waters

The well dryin up saved my life. The bang-bang of gunshots didn’t draw me back; nothin unusual ’bout that. I knew somethin was wrong when I saw brother Billy flat on his back in the wheat field starin up at the sky. So much plowin to do, and he was never no slacker. I set the buckets I’d filled at the crik down and crept through the windbreak til I saw the cabin. Papa was sittin out front, but he wasn’t honin his knife no more. ’stead he was slumped, his arms and legs danglin and limp. The back of his head was wet and shaped weird. I knew what that meant. I’d seen the like when Papa and Billy and Jake came back with a deer after huntin.

Papa’s head been shot clean through.

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Campfire Stories by Nicola Kapron

When Hydrangea reached the campsite, the fire was roaring. Five logs had been dragged into a tight circle around it, and Oleander was already seated and waiting. Pale hair, pale skin, and pale clothes made a ghost of him in the dark. Sparks played in the reflection off his perfectly white teeth.

Hydra shook his head and quickened his pace. He vaulted over the back of his log and landed on top with a thump, tucking his hands into the pockets of a hoodie three sizes too big. “Really? I broke like nine traffic laws getting here. How do you keep beating me?”

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A Shield For the People by Puck Malamud

Sha’ul walked through the empty streets of the shtetl, listening to the sounds made by the residents as they settled in for the night—banking fires, salting doorways, barring shutters. It was a clear evening; the waning moon and the stars lit his steps sufficiently. The cool breeze of early autumn brought fear-scent to his nostrils.

The whole village stank of it.

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There was a girl sleeping in Forest.

Fox didn’t know the girl. She was a human, that much was clear, though he hadn’t seen her kind in ages. They traveled this way and that like they owned the whole world—he had seen many before—but most stayed away from Forest. They were blind, deaf, dumb creatures, unable to perceive what was in front of them. Still, they sensed the magic of Forest, so they stayed away. If they did wander into the dense line of oak and pine, they spoke in hushed voices and didn’t linger.

They certainly didn’t sleep in Forest.

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December Releases: New Titles Every Saturday!

The theme for stories in December is “The Holidays” (with authors encouraged to take a loose definition on what counted as a holiday). Our schedule is…

December 3rd: [redacted: this title is erotica. If you want to get updates about our erotica titles, you can sign up here.]

December 10th: Meet C(omm)ute by Violet J. Haze

December 10th: [redacted: this title is erotica. If you want to get updates about our erotica titles, you can sign up here.]

December 17th: Let the Solstice Come by D. V. Morse

December 24th: Lightbringer by boneturtle

December 24th: [redacted: this title is erotica. If you want to get updates about our erotica titles, you can sign up here.]

December 31st: The Act of Salvation by Nicola Kapron

Can’t wait to read them all? Want to make sure you’re always getting the latest (and maybe getting some stories for free, depending on your chosen backer level)? Want to help us grow? Don’t hesitate – back us now on Patreon or ko-fi!

Thanks so much for your continued interest in Duck Prints Press, and we wish you a lovely December!


Claire Houck, Owner, Duck Prints Press

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