General Newsletter: July 27th, 2023

What’s New from Duck Prints Press

July, 2023

With the successful conclusion of our most recent crowdfunding campaign, our effective Pride Bundle sale, completed recruitment for our next anthology, and more, July has been a wonderful month for Duck Prints Press, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Read on to learn about our latest releases and more!

Happy Short Story Release Day!

We’re ringing in the last Thursday of July with new short stories from Lyn Weaver, J. D. Harlock, and R. L. Houck!

Title: Entanglement
Series: Sunrise Over the Black Forest
Author: Lyn Weaver

m/m, established relationship of convenience, mutual pining, aren’t roadtrip invitations always platonic clearly there’s no feels here

Two years into their not-relationship, Sevan disappears for a week, only to appear at Kel’s church with a simple invitation: for Kel to accompany Sevan on a two-week trip to the edge of the Black Forest to observe the forest expanding its borders.

How does a cursed forest become larger?

When the trees get up and relocate, of course…

Title: Little Witch’s Apothecary
Series: May of the Mountain
Author: J. D. Harlock

studio ghibli meets fandom vibes, modern with magic, love potion shenanigans

Desperate for money to pay off her debts, May opens a small apothecary stand in Jdiedet. It’d be far more enjoyable work if the clientele didn’t constantly break into her manga reading time…but she supposes she’ll cook up a love potion for the local librarian. If she has to. If only to ensure the library continues getting new volumes for her to read.

Title: Awkward and Oblivious
Author: R. L. Houck

f/f, modern, fluffy, bonding over a sick pet

When the trucker Alex finds a sick puppy abandoned by the side of the road, she races to get the poor dog to a veterinarian that can help. Several appointments later, the now-adopted Mako is on the mend and Alex has a favorite vet office.

Now, if only Alex could figure out how to get the oblivious Dr. Anna to respond to her awkward attempts to ask her on a date…

July 28th is the Last Day to Buy Our 2023 Pride Bundles!

We’re offering two book bundles – one containing 14 short stories from our general imprint, one containing 11 short stories from our erotica imprint – with nearly 40% of the proceeds going to the Ali Forney Center and Transgender Law Center.

Since we listed these bundles on the 54th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, June 28th, 1969, we’ve raised $278.52 to donate! We’d love to increase that number, and with your help we can!

For just $19.69, you can get all 14 stories in our General Imprint Pride Bundle – 175 pages, 56,512 words – and over 35% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

This is a great opportunity to support Duck Prints Press, get a sampler of works by our many wonderful authors, and give money to great causes, so don’t miss out – get your 2023 General Imprint Pride Bundle before time runs out.

Titles in the General Imprint Charity Bundle: