She Wears the Midnight Crown & He Bears the Cape of Stars

Welcome to Duck Prints Press newest project: a pair of anthologies which share the same theme, but feature different kinds of relationships. For these anthologies, we sought pitches for stories featuring masquerades – the more unusual, the better! While we love classic “historical setting, mistaken identity” shenanigans, we’re looking for stories more out-of-the-box (under-the-mask?) than that.

Our 34 contributors have stretched their imaginations to present innovative stories exploring what a masquerade can be…and, of course, tell rich, engaging tales of wonderful queer folk finding love, companionship, acceptance, the queer platonic relationship of their dreams, or the found family they deserve. The collected works feature characters in all the colors of the Pride rainbow, queer and genderqueer, and these diverse individuals inhabit worlds ranging from science fiction settings where everyone must be masked to breathe, to fantasies where no one wears a literal mask but everyone shows the world a false guise, to iterations of the real world where some people lean into deception.

The wlw anthology is entitled She Wears the Midnight Crown.

The mlm anthology is entitled He Bears the Cape of Stars.

This project was successfully crowd-funded during the summer of 2022, and backer rewards are distributing winter, 2023. We anticipate releasing the books in our shop on March 15th, 2023.

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